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 I am seeing my health bloom after years and years of poor health and I wanted to share the good news.

I now think I may have got liver flukes from our family dog way back in the 80s, when I was a teenager. I was an otherwise healthy teen in a family with a very healthy diet and I had no business having hormone problems, but I developed PCOS, an umbrella term for “your hormones don’t work and we don’t know how to fix them.”

I continued my healthy, vegetable-rich diet all through my 20s and 30s, but was rewarded only with progressively worsening health: hypoglycaemia, terrible throat infections, hair loss, insomnia, and whenever I went off the Pill to see if I could go it alone, I would realize my hormones were all wrong. I’d get lots of body hair and no ovulation.

I had tried an off-the-shelf herbal parasite product in the early 2000s, but I didn't’ see any results, so thought I was free and clear. I continued on my search for answers, seeing multiple endocrinologists, and when they pronounced me “healthy” and my hair loss “only a vanity issue”, continued with NDs, acupuncture, and Chinese Medicine. (A Chinese Medicine doc got me to ovulate and menstruate regularly for the first time in my life during this time. She is the sole reason I was able to have children.)

It seemed that all the healers would point to my liver being my weak link, but it didn’t make sense.. how could someone who lived such a healthy lifestyle have such a weak liver?

Then I found Humaworm (at age 45.) And found out I was infested with liver flukes.

I did the 30-day cleanse first and saw them. I didn’t do the 90-day in-between capsules because I figured I’d just eat those herbs in my diet. (I was wrong. Who eats thyme, cinnamon, and oregano ever single day? Get the 90-day in-between cleanse. My liver congestion symptoms really came back during this time, almost as if the creatures promptly had tons of babies to make up for the dent I'd made in their population.)

I did a 2nd 30-day cleanse and saw them again. This time I continued on the 90-day in-between program and I highly recommend it. They’ve kept dying all through the 90 days. I see them everyday, murdered. :) I'm about to start my 3rd cleanse and truly, the flukes are almost gone. But twice during probiotic enemas I saw long roundworms.. pretty big at 10" or so! So I guess I still do have work ahead of me.

I have gone from waking 8-10x every night to waking only once or twice. Life-changing!

My hair loss has stopped. (I haven’t seen any thickening, but it may have been too many years since it fell out.)

I don’t need a nap. I feel great, all day. In the evening I’m still awake, instead of feeling like it’s torture to be alive.

My blood sugar is terrific. I don’t feel starving and jittery in between meals. (Going Paleo and quitting coffee had largely repaired this before I started HM, but it's only gotten better.)

My cycles have gone from 35 days (too long) to 32 and then to 31. Wow - what a functional liver can accomplish, right?!

I haven’t had a cold since I started the killing. ;)

I also have been doing coffee enemas (you do them as a type of liver cleanser with green coffee you can order (SA Wilson). I did one everyday and saw floating flukes every time I did one. I found it whooshed them out of the liver really well, along with the "chaff" similar to what you get from doing liver cleanses. Cancer patients do them to help heal their livers on some protocols.) (Do read what Reba Bailey says in her files about this, as she advises to not do them daily.) I had tried some liver flushes (around 5-6) and found them really successful, but so tough!! So intense!! I still will likely do some more in the future (the enemas don't whoosh out stones or help your gall bladder), but I found the coffee enemas work well for me and I found them much easier and more do-able - and I could do them daily without taking an entire weekend off from my life!

And I also recommend apple cider vinegar. I once had a fluke drop out dead just from the ACV! :) And do look at your pH and adjust by drinking green drinks, ACV, and/or lemon juice if you are too acidic. I do think it makes a difference in the recovery. There's a chicken and egg thing with parasites: Do they cause acidity or are the attracted to acidity? Either way, working on your pH repels them.

Thank you so much, Humaworm. You are literally changing my life.



Day 16-after seeing evidence of what appears to be hookworm and other unrecognizable parasites (they looked like pin and liver flukes but I am not an expert and lean toward flush don't look too much) I just breezed by my first full moon in at least 10 months without any obvious symptoms which I had suffered with before. My gas and bloating have disappeared. My sensitivity to my belly button has disappeared -I am able to move my bowels consistently twice daily after many yrs of constant constipation. I am thrilled I ignored my doctors and started HUMAWORM--thank you for giving me back my waistline! Dropping weight slowly but finally starting to lose that 15 lbs of unwanted unexplained weight gain. My candida symptoms are amazingly diminishing after 8 months of thrush--finally a NORMAL tongue--THANK YOU HUMAWORM!!



Well, I just wanted to let everyone know I'm on my 15th day of Humaworm and I today I passed liver flukes and some other atrocities that I couldn't identify. I think I might have had some kind of huge worm that was digested and broken in pieces (shudder). I've had weird aches and pains in various places (liver, kidneys, knees, etc). I'm assuming they were from the Humaworm cleaning house. I'd like to also say that I've felt better than I have in a LONG time for about a week and half now.

For anyone interested in trying Humaworm, I've tried 2 other parasite cleanses that didn't work. It might have been because they were too hard to do properly. Humaworm is easy and effective. I highly recommend it.



When I first found Humaworm, I was just looking for my next cure for Lupus. I've been fighting it without medication for 20 years and am constantly doing whatever I can to last one more year. You see, the medication they have for Lupus almost killed me, so I'm not about to try the next pharmaceutical down the pike.

After only 2-1/2 days, swelling in the lymph glands in my throat started to go down.  It had been there for many years, and I was told it was a nodular goiter, and would never go away unless I had my thyroid removed.

Then my nose cleared up. I had not been able to breathe through my nose since I was 5 and had a very bad cold.  While it's not perfect now, and I still can't breathe through the right side perfectly, it's so much better it's hard to believe.

I didn't really believe I had parasites until the liver and intestinal flukes started appearing in the first week. Then I started feeling things crawling around inside my body, especially in my nose and behind my right eye. I also had all the symptoms of pinworms. After three weeks, I started pulling small thread worms out of my nose, and seeing massive amounts of pinworms in my stool.

Also, the cracked skin on my heels has started to heal, which I never would have associated with parasites at all.

I'm not completely cured, and know I will have to go through two more treatments at least to clear myself of all the parasites, but it will be worth it.  Who knows? Maybe it will cure my lupus. I know that I have much less brain fog and fatigue now than I have in several years. I'm not living on caffeine anymore, and can actually watch a t.v. show in it's entirety, or enjoy reading a book for longer than 10 minutes at a time without losing my train of thought and having to start over.

Thanks, Humaworm. Here's to a long and fruitful relationship for both of us. I have posted a day-by-day review of my experience on my blog at ********remember that the experience is different for everyone.



You are not alone. If you have not been parasite cleansing all of your life then you probably do have parasites. You are not being gross at all. We all need support. We have parasites all over our bodies from head to toe. There are many types of parasites.

I wish I had known about Humaworm in my younger days. I was really sick for years and got to the point that I could not drive a car, write a check or even bath myself. I am 53 years old now and I feel like I am 35 years old. At least all my neighbors that are that age can't keep up with me. My mother in law yesterday said, if you can bottle up some of that energy that you have, I want some of it. lol. I will be doing my 5th Humaworm cleanse and I have done 7 plain liver flushes plus a colon cleanse. I love this life that I now have and I never want to go back to the way I was again.

On my second Humaworm cleanse, I felt critters running for their lives under my scalp. They made my scalp itch when they ran. I believe that it was the critters that caused my brain lining to tear. Don't get freaked out, this is a rare case. I have had two brain surgeries. The last one the doctor said I was two hairs away from death. The tear was right next to my brain stem.

This is why it is so important to parasite cleanse. The critters cause all kinds of diseases including cancer. I am so happy because I know that I will no longer have to go through another brain surgery for the rest of my life. I also had fibromyalgia which put me on disability from my good paying job. I no longer have that severe pain, it is gone after suffering with it for 17 long years. I have not had a headache either which amazes me.

I used to get severe headaches all the time. The cysts in my breasts are gone. I just had my exam and that is what they told me. The cysts almost covered my whole breasts before I started the Humaworm cleanses. I also no longer have Psoriasis which I have been battling since high school.

RG told me that after I eliminated the roundworms (ascaris) that I would start seeing my skin problems clear up and he was right, they did. RG's medicated cream also helps cure it. I also put some of the medicated cream on a q-tip and swab it up my nose and I have gotten out several white roundworms. I also put some in my ears and now I no longer have that rusty color wax. It is clear and not a whole lot like before. RG really puts together some wonderful products that actually work getting to the root instead of masking the problem.

During one of my Humaworm cleanses, I felt a thumping in my stomach. It felt like a baby kicking. My friends said they felt it too while Humaworm cleansing. I made those critters mad. One time I also felt them migrate to another spot, so yes, sometimes you can feel them. I felt them in the heels of my feet. RG says hookworms enter in your feet so that is probably what I had. I used to walk around with no shoes. I wear them all the time now. lol.

For me, I seen all different kinds of liver flukes, intestional flukes, a 13 inch round worm and 12 six inch round worms (ascaris), two tape worms which I did see the heads and the skins, canine tapeworm secments that look like rice and some looked like cashews and others corn, I also seen candida that looked like cotton and some looked like corn silks. Some people don't look and that is okay too.

I was scared my first Humaworm cleanse but after that I started researching with a chop stick. I am so glad that I did because the critters are heavy and they sink to the bottom of the towlet which I would have never known that I was getting them out if I didn't research. Also, roundworms (ascaris) hide in the bm so you really don't know that you are getting them out if you don't research.

For me, I want to know when I am getting clean and also I want to know what I am infected with the most. My last Humaworm cleanse I only seen one critter exit. When I first started the Humaworm cleanses the bowl was full of different critters. I have posted pictures of the critters and gallstones that I have elimated. This is why I have so much energy and I am getting so healthy. I have to say, this is the healthiest with a sense of well being that I have ever felt! I don't dread going into my golden years now. When I get there, I may even feel like I am 32 years old . God Bless!



For the past several months I have been suffering from extreme stomach distention, nausea, abdominal bloating, early satiety, fatigue and headaches. I could hardly eat anything because I felt so full all the time, and whenever I took a few bites of something I got nauseous and had to lay down. None of my clothes fit because I was so bloated, I felt like a giant balloon was inside my abdomen and it was going to burst. I felt so horrible!

I went to the gastroenterologist doctor who did a complete blood test, H. Pylori test, and upper GI barium exam. He found nothing wrong! He said I was "fine." I was fuming and angry and had to find a **** myself. I bought Humaworm and just finished the 30 days yesterday. I feel great!! No more bloating, nausea, stomach distention or headaches. I have my energy back! No more fatigue or irritability! And I can fit into my clothes again! I can't believe it was parasites that was causing all that, I thought for sure it must be stomach cancer or something serious. I can't believe how nasty those parasites can be!! Wow, it sure feels great to have my life, and my health, back again!! As a bonus, I've noticed my eczema clearing up too!

I am going to be using Humaworm every 90 days like you recommend, I never want to be that sick again! and I want to try some Pet Wormer for my kitty cats, and the Hu-Mana-Tea for the in-between times. Thank you SO SO SO SO MUCH for making this wonderful product!! I will be ordering again and again! Please don't ever stop making Humaworm! You have a customer for life! You guys came through when modern medicine did not. Thanks so much!!



I feel fine! After a week into my first HW cleanse and an on going bout of Giardia i think HW kicked in! No side effects, except a feeling of a little dye off now and then, which makes me a bit moody but i think it kills that little critters. Wow i feel better day by day. And best of it all my toilet dash is getting back to normal. :) This after traveling for years in India and South Asia and having had all sort of critters in the past!



I found Humaworm searching my leaky gut problem online,as I read the information I found it educational and validated all the things that I have learned so far in my life of 40 years.  I decided to give it a try.  It showed up no fancy bottle no frills,just simple.  I read the instructions 4 times just to make sure.   The marriage was made and I awaited my fate,I drank lots and lots of water .   I came upon my second day .  My stomach was bloated making all kinds of noises ,the laundry was getting done.  I made a usual deployment to the latrine .  It made a pressurized exit,without knowing exactly what was what and who was from where ,I decided it was a full house and it needed a flush.

I returned to my project wondering what all that was about.   Humaworm no fancy bottle no sales pitch just simple,it was time for more .  The third day went by without a hitch.  The washing machine still making some noise,that night I started sneezing and found it odd I had not sneezed in weeks.   Morning of day 4 I felt like someone had made me 16 again and it was like i could not wait to get out of school and do my things not school things,what a feeling,I was off and on to my projects,could this be Humaworm,no fancy bottle?  It must be?

I wondered,and I wondered some more.I was off to my tasks and of course Humaworm was there to.  I made my drive to pick up some parts I had to blow my nose and some nasal congestion.   I  blew my nose and examined my treasure, A treasure it was there was a dead type of parasite in the find.   I was scared but remained calm,I wanted to call my mother ,at 40 i wanted to call my mother?

I calmed down and remembered everything I had read.  Humaworm had informed me the possibilities and hangouts of parasites.  I decided this was the real deal with no fancy bottle to go with it .  I was still scared and wanted to share my treasure find with some one,I  looked at the clock looked up Humaworm and called,  I had the pleasure of talking to Silva,  oh I did not know where to start .   Leaky gut ,it did not matter ,with her calming response, she seemed to have heard many a situation like mine.  She explained the possible parasite as I ordered my dogs some of this .  Oh they were next there was going to be some howling for sure.

After that i was excited,I was getting humawormed.That day I went to the store I was walking and my ankles started to lock up and my calves got sore,strange what is this some sort of magic trick?.  It quickly passed within minutes.  What was that?  I had all this energy and this sense of well being what was happening to me .  Humaworm ,could it be? no fancy bottle to rub,t here was a genie some where .  What a feeling,I knew that I would be well and okay.

Night came with Humaworm taken earlier I was off to the book store at 9 pm ,this was not like me all this energy.  I was on my way when this feeling of something crawling towards my throat to the back of my tongue,  oh my I said to myself ,you have got those to do you.  Scared ,lets think about this, drink more water,I did then my eye started to twitch ,not the lid the left eye ,then I felt my sinuses have movement  above the eye ,over by the ear .   It was then that I realized Humaworm had given the eviction notice to the parasites .  They were dieing .

Scared but understanding the situation I welcomed it with eagerness and a sense of well being.  My spirit knew my body would be well.  I got my book and returned home.I made a dash for my laptop and read till midnight,all about parasites .  The next day things were making exits ,all kinds I explored slightly .  It did not matter.  That evening I went to bed I ached my legs hurt my butt checks ached .  I  knew these were the toxins leaving.

I experienced this on and off for 4 days with a mild headache .  At one point thru this cleanse I felt my lungs getting cleaned,something was happening.  Something good.

I have had these bumps under my skin visible since I was 10 ,they are said to be fatty lypomas,they to are shrinking and leaving, my skin feels like babys skin,my thoughts are clear with direction,no brain fog ,things are improving I am on day nine now losing excess weight and grateful . Thank you .



R.G., I can't thank you enough. You have given me back my life, and even if I am not completely cured yet, I have seen definite improvement and plan to continue at least 2 more rounds. Oh, and thanks for the in-between herbs formula capsules, I'm one of those people for whom putting spices on food is a chore.

After 3 years of not being able to do the simplest things due to the severe fatigue of fibromyalgia, yesterday I was able to vacuum and mop the whole house! \o/ It may seem trivial and a bit crazy that that is what I chose to do with my newfound energy, but it means a great deal to me. I haven't had a flareup since the second "detox" week and my "normal" ankle pain is a fraction of what it was before.

My mother is ecstatic, and can't believe it, but she's afraid to tell more than her closest friends that her daughter "had worms". (Sad, but what you gonna do?) My husband is low-key kind of guy, but I can tell that he is also very happy to have the woman he married back.

*big big hugs all around*



About a year ago, the Lord had me order your Human-a-tea. I had no cancer symptoms but it sounded so interesting and I have a lot of cancer in our family. My family uses your parasite cleanse so I read your information and ordered it faithfully.

Just 2 months ago, my sister called and I could hardly understand her on the phone, but she was upset because the doctor found a mass in her vocal cord and it was swollen in her neck, visibly. She has had so many problems with losing her voice over the past two years, she was extremely frustrated. We had stopped talking on the phone and gone to emailing when I could no longer understand her.

It dawned on me about the tea, so I asked her to come by if she would commit to drinking it and I would give it to her. She had a CAT scan scheduled in 10 days, so I asked her to come the next day so I could prepare it. I began praying for the Lord to work a miracle for her so that she would gain her voice and avoid surgery! The first signs we saw was that 5 days after she began taking the tea, she CALLED me on the phone and I could UNDERSTAND her! She then went for her CT scan and they found nothing in the mass area and her swelling was gone in her vocal cords!



By way of preface, let me start out by saying that I'm really not a sick (viz. ill) person. I used to have Lyme disease pretty bad, but got better (that's a story all by itself!). As a result of my illness, I pursued an education in the health field, and I'm now a professional natural health consultant. I've heard a lot of good things about Humaworm for quite some time, so I recently decided I would try it on myself as a personal experiment. I've done other cleanses in the past, but have never noticed anything (i.e., I haven't felt different, and I never noticed anything strange in the toilet). But I've been impressed with what I've come to learn about Humaworm, so what the heck. I'll give it a shot.

As of today, I am 9 days into my Humaworm program. I didn't really notice anything different during days 1-6, and was kind of starting to wonder if I had another dud. Day 7 was miserable. I had a very bad headache and was very stressed, emotionally. My wife was worried that I was very ill somehow. On the morning of day 8, I suddenly had the urge to use the toilet, and upon doing so, passed an enormous amount of parasite fragments. Dozens and dozens of pieces. They looked kind of like congealed egg whites, almost translucent, and varied in length up to around an inch or so. They are clearly unalive and are very mangled. Other pieces were more thread-like, as we would normally think of "worms." I had never seen anything like that come out of me before. After this "evacuation," I felt like a million bucks. My energy soared for the rest of the day. Today is day 9, and I again passed a large amount of the same stuff.

For me, Humaworm has really lived up to its reputation. And I'm only a third of the way through!



aloha RG, Just to let you know, I LOVE YOUR HUMAWORM Capsules, Whatever you do, DO NOT CHANGE THIS FORMULATIONS !!!! I feel much calmer after so many hours on this miraculous product, my brain feels much more vividly clearer, I want to say THANK YOU whoever it was that brought this EXCELLENT nutrients to the public!!!! I plan to order again, I want to try the other products you have, like the tea and the powder cleanse.



I previously added the testimonie-Parasites in Children.
During the treatment with Humaworm my children and I passed what looked like - liver flukes, threadworms, ?roundworm, thick white rubbery rectangle looking strands, I passed quite alot of this and lots and lots of white slimy mucous from nose. Also it was very strange, alot of black & red specks and white fluffy little round balls appearing from bottom even when just passing urine and twig looking sticks passed from anus. Even in shower these things came out and in kids bath. If anyone has had this please add their testomonie so I know we are not alone.

Stools had a very offensive smell, lots of wind +++, bloating went but came back 2 days before completing Humaworm. Blue veins in children have become very prominent on face and body. White part of eyes had alot of red veins appearing - they are still there, espeicially at side of eyes. My eldest child and I had severe constipation and had to take daily epsom salts, the others had very loose stools.

As I mentioned in previous testomonie, I have been a nurse for over 17 years and specialised in gastro-intestional disorders. I have never experienced anything like this and knew nothing about parasites apart from hearing about tapeworm abroad in third world countries and occasionally a child having threadworms. But, regarding all the other 3000 approx parasites that lurk about human bodies really shocked me. I am going on a course to learn Colonic Irrigation next week. This has really changed my diet and lifestyle. No more white pasta, flour, sweets and chocolate etc. I feel alot healthier and have more energy. In the mornings, as a family we are alot brighter and have more stamina throughout the day.

The research I have read about parasites is limited but gradually increasing. I believe it will be another 5-10 yrs before we start seeing children in school routinely getting worming treatment. As soon as the pharmaceutical companies see there is a real profit to be made here they will start researching and marketing products. Wait and see!

When I start my colonic practice I will be completing research to confirm how many people have parasites in them. If everyone does their little bit eventually the authorities will have to listen! I have lots of pictures of all the gunk. It is surprising what individual people on the internet when they all come together can achieve. I have learned more from other people experiencing this than any information you would get from the ?medical profession. If you think you have parasites do not give up. Read as much as you can on internet, research, books and educate yourself. As a Dr. Bernard from the UK states in his books, "Knowledge helps the healing process". He also states, "Educate not Medicate".

Thank you Humaworm for your fresh natural products. You have saved my life.



We are seniors who just finished their rounds of Humaworm January third and hubby's first. I see that drooling on ones pillow is a symptom of parasites. Dh has had that ever since long before we began sharing a the 1980's. I thought that might have been from his practice of leaving a 'suckable' (a hard candy) in his mouth while falling asleep. (He thinks people who 'crunch' are misinformed.) He gave up most 'suckables' long ago, but continued to mark his pillow, until now, some time after finishing his first round of Humaworm.

I gave up 'crunching' at night, or any time, decades ago, but had developed drooling at night. This morning I noticed that my pillow is clean, too, except for two small bloody spots which I think come from losing two fillings over the last few months. I've put a couple of cloves in my mouth a few times, to combat the infrequent slow ache. Maybe that accounts for my pillow spots. Long ago, probably with the first round of Humaworm, I lost the 'salty' accumulation at the corners of my mouth. It seemed to try to return a bit, once or twice, since, but now is completely gone. I think that was a sign of some Candida overgrowth.

Once more I find my fingernails much harder than ever before in my life. This seems to happen a couple of weeks after a round of Humaworm. Perhaps it will become permanent. I think hubby is finding the same thing. Currently I am watching to see if his early morning need to blow his nose several times, from going out in the cold (?), abates. In summer he gets this, and sneezing, from sunshine. Dh is 83 years old, and hasn't quit yet. He took on a collection route that has him up early and outside for one to three hours every morning...and usually at least once more during the day.

He also found that he loves gardening, last summer...becoming the richest brown I've seen on a 'white' man, in the process. I've found that improvements from Humaworm become quite noticeable in the second, third and fourth week after the round is finished, and I've never been disappointed. There are other things to go, I know, and I look forward to what they will be. It is usually a surprise because we forget ailments so easily, the moment they disappear. It is called 'contentment', and is the result of happy adjustment to the best of 'cleansing'. Thank you so much, R.G.



Hi all 
It has been a while since I purchased your product . A great product whatever was crawling around inside of me has completely gone .I ordered over the internet and had no hassles . I will be reordering my follow up shortly 
Once again thanks for a great result 



Hi RG~

Well my 18 yr old daughter hated the taste of the herbs in the applesauce so she learned to just swallow the capsules. I am the only one in the family that is curious as to what is coming out of me. I have seen worms but there are some things that I question. I will get pics soon but for now I'll try to describe them to you.

I have some green gummy things coming out of me usually triangular in shape. Thought it was gum that I had swallowed but there is way more than one or two. Also have red hollow tubes as well as red fleshy long blobs with stringy red fleshy things comming off from the main fleshy blob. Don't know if that is something I ate but sure doesn't look familliar! 
Hubby and I checked our blood pressure and surprisingly it was it use to be. Still normal but low. Recently before Humaworm though both of us were starting to get out of the normal range of blood pressure. Going up and we didn't know why other than getting older (40 & 43)

Do you know if the lowering blood pressure is a result of parasite cleansing? 
I also noticed that my dandruff or scorasis that I've had my whole life is almost non existent...yeah! Was that caused by a certain parasite or just from the toxins of the parasites?

10 yr old daughters acne is clearing up and her mouth sores of corners of her lips are getting better. 18 yr old daughter's excema is clearing up as well.



Hi RG 
I completed another extra strength dose of humaworm about 3 weeks ago. I have to report I will require another extra strength dose in another couple of months. I reported in previous emails I am fighting a chronic parasite case and have been extremely ill.

I have found that doing the cleansing every 3 months to have been the way forward for me. I found it quite difficult at first with the 90 day breaks but have a better understanding as to why this is a MUST. I am much, much better but still have symptoms but I appear to have much more of a life since doing the extra strength doses.

Just updating you on my situation and I hope you will agree that another round of your wonderful product is in order. I will also require a normal dose for my husband. 
Thank you so much for giving me my life back.



Can you please add this to the testomonies to help others. 
My family and I took Humaworm after one of my children getting threadworms to clear us all out. What happened during it has been a shock. The six of us 2 adults, 3 children have all passed strange looking things. By the pictures you have it looks like liver flukes and roundworm. As usual stool specimens show nothing. GP thinks I have lost it. I am so glad I took your herbs.

My 5 year old passed loads of what looks like liver flukes. How could a 4 year old have so many weird stuff? I have been changing nappies for over 10 years and I am a community nurse, so I know what poos look like and since taking Humaworm - this is stuff I have never seen before.

The kids got a really sore throat - day 5. Loads of white slimey stuff coming up and it was all blood stained. A clue I have realised is the blue veins are prominent in the kids and the red veins in eyes are prominent. Humaworm initially brought them out worse and now we are on day 11 they are getting better.

The dark shadows under all our eyes are getting a little better. Our itchy noses are still intense. Everyone should know about this and worming kids should be introduced in schools every year. I was unsure about taking these herbs and I am so glad we did. I would prefer everything I have seen coming out rather out than in my children's bodies. I feel sorry for anyone that has not found this web site yet.



This is a Powerful cleanse guys. I did the "Liver Cleanse" last month and I think the "Antibiotic Cleanse" is more powerful..

I took my First 2 capsules @ work. I was sitting at my desk and the 1st capsule gave my tongue a "burning" sensation. I swallowed both capsules and within seconds a HEAT wave went through my entire body..I kid you not..Heat was coming out of my arm sleeve and out of my neck collar. I checked my office thermostat to see if a co-wroker turned up the heat and it was on "cool"...

My body was kicking out heat due to those garlic-capsules sending a punch to my body. Scared me @ first but I figured it was a good thing.

On the right side of my tongue there's been a heavy-raised white coating, like a second layer of skin only white. I'm guessing it's thrush. It's been there for about a year. Sometimes it throbs, but for the most part it does not. When I felt my tongue "tingling/burning" I'm guesssing the "Antibotic cleanse" capsules attacked the bacteria/fungus immediately before i swallowed. Within the next 30-min the white-thick layer of my tongue was hurting and it felt like I bit it or something.

Later on that day that particular side of my tongue began to swell up almost "clear-bubble-like"..Still painful to the touch and painful to move around in my tongue. I checked my tongue out each day and on Day 4 what use to be a noticable Heavy-Thick coating is now reduced to 2 little white specks...The "Antibiotic" is killing whatever it is. That is why it felt so painful...

As of right now, I can look at that side of my tongue and its not even noticable and practically gone. I still have a thin white coating on my tongue but no "raised-thick-patches" and every time i take the "Antibitic cleanse" capsules my tongue has this "burning sensation"...This is telling me that my system is heavily toxic...

Last night, which was Day 5 on the "Antibotic Cleanse". I took 2 capsules while driving back home...When I got home I felt a strong pain in my stomach...And i'm sure that was just my body saying "Okay, it's time to get rid of the dead parasites"...And indeed did I pass a truck-load of brown Flat-Flukes and the puffy Candida things I'm guessing...What scared me is the LOADS of dead Flat Worm Flukes...My body must be infested with those things..i saw other strange looking things but it could have been just digested food..But the Brown-slimmy looking worm flukes are in abundance.

I did not know that the "Antibotic" & "Liver" cleanse KILLS parasitic worms. I thought they simply worked as desribed @ Both cleanses are killing tons of Flat worm Flukes in my system...

Right now I'm thinking about re-ordering the "Liver cleanse" to use in May...I wanted to go for the "Lung" cleanse next, but it looks like those Damn Flukes are hiding in my Liver...And maybe they are living in my intestines..I'll probably never really know but HumaWorm "Other cleanses" are just as POWERFUl as the popular HumaWorm formula itself...

I wouldnt advise any of you guys to take 2 different "Other cleanses" at the same time...Each cleasne will do what it says it's suppose to do and it will expel parasitic worms..I will continue to share my personal experiences as I try the "Lung" and "Kidney" cleanses for the 1st time over the next few months...



A couple of months ago, I asked for a helping hand to sort out my mother. She had these strange very itchy bumps on her hand, legs, arms and various doctors had no idea what it was. Nothing worked and they had no clue and offered nothing to help. She has had them for a couple of years and the last 4 months it had become much worse, a nightmare of itchiness and unsightly bumps.

I asked here and we thought it may be scabies?

Anyway, long story short, after many hours of researching and discussing options I convinced my mother to do a round of Humaworm.

She was totally not expecting Humaworm to work.

In the mean time she eventually found a skin specialist and got a confirmed diagnosis. What she had is called “Lichen Planus.”

According to western medicine this Lichen Planus is an “incurable disease.” Yes, that means even though they know what it is…..western medicine can do nothing to help. My mum was sent home, so Humaworm was started.

Mum completed Humaworm yesterday and called to give me the update.

She is overjoyed! It worked! ;-) She rated it a good 8 out of 10 as its not totally clearer up yet. Only 1 new bump on her toe and all the others on her arms, legs and hands have gone. She still has nasty scaring where the bumps where, but the itching has stopped. These herbs have obviously worked gloriously for her.

So, thanks Humaworm, big happy smiles from me and my Mum to you.

You can add “lichen Planus” to your **** list. Congratulations.



Thank you so very much for your email and your company's product. I have been to see my primary care physician, an oral surgeon, and finally an Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) doctor. The only test I have ever been given to test for parasites is the analysis of a stool sample. I even had a rather large sample of soft palate tissue removed by the ENT doctor to test for cancer. 
What started as a sore throat went into several mouth lesions, headaches (like sinus problems), and reoccurring bronchitis. Over a period of three months it seemed like my energy level was dropping even while remaining on antibiotics.

I am beginning to think that the turning point that has helped me has been your product. If it is OK with you, I would like to share with you by email; how the product is helping me, and any research that may prove helpful.

The thing that has not made my condition seem plausible to doctors is that it started with small growths in my throat, then it became very painful as I had bronchitis. I guess that humans are not supposed to be able to have what is called "throat bots." However, when I first started using humaworm, I felt more ill for about a week. Then slowly, strength has begun to return and I am getting fewer mouth lesions as the cycle repeats.

We have three English setter dogs, ages approximately 2, 4, and almost 14 human years old. I have noticed some improvement in their energy levels after receiving the pet formula for about a week also. I am putting the pet formula into little plastic capsules which are then hidden in peanut butter.

If the problem is indeed some form of parasite, then we will continue to take the Humaworm through a few months to take care of any remaining eggs.

What would be so very helpful to know, have any of your customers ever come to you with similar symptoms? I very much respect the confidentiality of your customers but it would help so very much to know that your product has helped others with the symptoms. 
I am so very grateful for your product.



Me beloved mums (hereafter MBM) suffered 9 bouts of severe vertigo: dizziness, nystagmus (eye pupils bouncing), nausea/dry heaves for 3 - 6+ hours, and dehydration beginning February 2007. On days when she wasn't hunched over the toilet she was lethargic and a zombie (brain fog). She was admitted to the hospital twice during this time; thousands of dollars of tests later, traditional medicine's diagnosis was "you're a medical mystery" and "labrynthitis" and "mild to moderate sinusitis" with possibly 2 retention cysts showing in the CAT scan.

From my amateur research, it looked like Meniere's disease. 
I preface my story with humble thanks to  R.G. of Humaworm for his exceptional anti-parasite, anti-fungal herbal product.

Quick background:
Several years ago MBM suffered anosmia (loss of taste) and concurrently a loss of smell. One doctor gave her no hope of recovery, an ENT specialist suggested she had a 50% chance of recovery. A "virus" was indicted as the robber of her two senses. Nine months later, she in fact miraculously recovered her taste/smell, but her sinuses seemed compromised off and on thereafter, and she had this weird habit of coughing for a good hour each morning until she had coughed up (and swallowed) phlegm.

Then in February, MBM suffered her first bout of violent vomiting. Even regularly taking meclazine (antivert) didn't halt the attacks. Her head felt like it was stuffed with wool; sometimes there was almost a vibration on her scalp that preceded a sense of her ears "filling up" -- at which point vertigo/nausea was triggered. Applying a Transderm Scop ear patch halted the attacks but only several hours later (I could be wrong but I think a main ingredient in the patch is belladonna). A 6-day round of prednisone brought no relief.

Thinking outside the box . . . 
A naturopath/RN suggested we had inadvertently stirred up parasites when MBM had begun weekly footbaths/reflexology; the footbath's electrical current wasn't strong enough to kill the parasites, she surmised, but it had perhaps angered them enough that they were dumping toxins, making her ill. We ceased the footbaths, but to no avail. MBM's skin grew pasty, her energy level was zilch. Her life was incrementally ebbing away before my very eyes! The NP pressed MBM to consider a parasite cleanse. About the same time, another dear NP friend evaluated MBM and opined "Candida"; she began MBM on an herbal/diet regimen mid-April. Two weeks into the new diet, MBM had suffered 3 more vertigo attacks, the last one on a full moon.

Enter Humaworm
All this time, I had been lurking and reading R.G.'s enlightening comments in the Humaworm Forum, as well as testimonials from others, esp. those who defended R.G. against "parasite scattering" charges. His reasoned, patient replies regarding resistant parasites made sense, and so I plucked up my courage. I had received my first order of Humaworm in late April, but had been afraid to use it until now, early May. Allopathic medicine had struck out, and so MBM agreed when I asked, "Are you willing at this point to do whatever I suggest to regain your health?"

Compliance rewarded
"Yes. I'll do whatever you say." And she did. And (drumroll) -- she is remarkably better. Beginning in early May, she went on Humaworm, continued with the Candida-free diet (tho we halted our herbalist's candida-fighting herbs since it seemed redundant) as well as oil pulling. Drank at least 2 quarts, if not more, of H20 each day. I zealously kept a journal of each day's tinkering. Besides taking Humaworm, MBM also began each day eating 1/4 cup raw pumpkin seed and a cup or so of fresh cut pineapple. We juiced, ate trail mixes, baked red potatoes, tossed salads. Lost weight *smile*. No red meat, no alcohol, no refined carbohydrates, no sugar, no coffee, etc. She continued with the meclazine as well.

Early in the Humaworm regimen, 2 strange puncture holes appeared, one each about 4" below the tip of each big toe; a few days later a strange "fever blister" erupted below her lower lip although it neither burned nor hurt. Day 2: white "strings" appeared in her stool. Day 3: she felt incrementally better when awake. Day 4: she felt the precursor to a vertigo attack but it didn't go full-blown. Day 5: heartburn. Day 6 - began 2nd 6-day round of prednisone; we didn't have the courage to cancel app't with family doctor). Day 8: "full ears" & she applied a belladonna ear patch (no vertigo). Day 9: white "thing" in stool. Day 17: nystagmus, vomiting, dry heaves. Day 29: full moon but no attack.

Day 30: one vertigo attack the entire month (versus 1-2x/week). Wow. Day 31: Added caprylic acid, probiotic and joint care supplements back into diet. Continued with oil pulling (1 drop of oregano oil in Tablespoon of extra virgin coconut oil). MBM's religiously using R.G.'s recommended in-between herbs daily: 1/4 tsp. each of garlic, onion, thyme, sage, ginger & cinnamon. Still drinking 2 qts water. Still passing "things" in bms; not knowledgeable enough to know exactly what they are (worms and/or candida strings), though there have been several times the things definitely looked like threads/worms. In retrospect, I wonder if the retention cysts in her sinus cavities could have been parasite eggs?

MBM has an affinity for all animals. A year ago she had handled box turtles, whose fecals at the vet's, revealed they had hookworms, roundworms, and possibly strongloides. The vet staff remained skeptical that she could have acquired parasites from the turtles, but I can't help wondering. They said "maybe a transdermal transport" from turtle to human, but couldn't see how MBM could be passing hooks and rounds from her GI tract.

Thanksgiving . . . 
In about 6 weeks, MBM's health has done a dramatic turn-around for the better. She still is not 100% in the head, but each week she notes she feels slightly better than she did the week before. Her energy is returning, and many friends and acquaintances have offered unsolicited comments about how much healthier and bright-eyed she looks. Just today I reminded her she hadn't had a morning coughing fit in months. Her only regret has been having to quit Humaworm after the 30 day treatment, but our calendar is set for the next round after our 90-day hiatus.

R.G., you should be proud of your product; know the Lord, the Giver of all good gifts, is blessing others because of your wise stewardship of your grandmother's recipe and your meticulous supervision of fresh ingredients. MBM and I thank you for redeeming her life.



I have/had a really bad infestation of liver flukes. I did my first parasite cleanse May/June and am on my second- extra strength -cleanse now. About half of the symptoms are gone. I still have alot of trouble with bloating but it seems to be settling down a bit. No more headache, which is nice. My digestion is getting better. And, my skin couldn't get any nicer.

This cleanse brought out big buggers, but not allot of them like the first cleanse (I got out no less than 7+ pounds of them on my first cleanse). This time there is a whole lot of cloudy, pieces of chopped-up brownish-red little bits, and dark brown/red water. Lots of toxins, finally, I am getting rid of allot of toxins.

I feel more decisive and a whole lot more mentally alert. I don't stand around like a woos anymore, letting time slip by me. I like the feeling. I'm just waiting for it to get better and better (if that is possible). One thing that I have to add is the fact that I did a parasite cleanse before I ever did liver flushing, which brought out nothing. My liver was so unbelievably congested that the flukes had safe haven in there. Now, after 31 liver flushes, and my liver being clean, they (the flukes) have no choice now but to come out, and come out they have been.



HEy everyone.. Kid and I are officially done! He is fine I am fine and whew what a journey for him! HE looks so much better, his skin is cleared up, Cracked feet look supple.. All kinds of good things,HE sleeps better at night, eats less, and not famished all day long... Update: My son is from south america and he was brought to US at 5 years old. Diagnosed with intestianl parasites at 7 years old and things Drs over the years swept it under rug. He was better but as he grew he was having symptoms a normal 19 year old shouldnt have. Found humaworm decided to try it. and here we are. I personally dont see a change, But I did see some weird stuff during first 2 weeks..Not sure but it wasnt normal. Ill be back!



Hi Humaworm
I just want to thank you so much for coming up with this great formula. It's weird, but having candida/parasites greatly affects my facial appearance and I am now looking almost "normal" again. It seems like the toxins being emitted from the parasites causes an autoimmune response which results in a form of hives called angioedema. My face gets quite puffy, and it is unattractive.

It's gotten to the point that it affects my self-esteem and my formerly outgoing personality because I'm afraid people will think about how "ugly" I am. Anyway, I was wondering what I should do next. I am taking acidopholis now and am thinking about liver cleansing and having a series of colonics. I don't want to go back to how I was before Humaworm! 
Thanks so much



I have been using RG's new medicated cream on my feet and it's amazing stuff. My feet used to be crusty, cracked and awful. Now they are smooth and pretty. Thanks RG. I can wear sandals and not worry.

Y'all should get some -- it's great.



It's only day 4 for me, but yesterday and today I woke up at 6am and got up to work around 
the house. Normally it takes me forever to wake up, and I always sleep late on weekends. When I do wake up, I'm so groggy. So maybe this stuff IS working. And, if this keeps up, I'll be one of those people afraid to stop taking it!



I am on my 3rd week of Humaworm. I had asked about orange-colored stools, concerned it was caused by a blocked bile duct. So I ate a fatty meal with butter and olive oil, hoping that would induce my liver to release bile.

Before Humaworm, I would always get pangs in my liver and gallbladder after a fatty meal. This time I had NO PAIN at all!!! I DIDN'T FEEL my liver or gallbladder like I usually do. Since Humaworm, I have been passing liver flukes which I believe have been the cause of my liver distress.

My liver is really getting a major cleanse!

It's very encouraging to experience such drastic results. (I plan to do an official liver flush when I'm finished with Humaworm to get all the dead parasites out.)

Just had to share. Thanks Humaworm for a great product!

P.S. Looking forward to posting more results after my final week on HW.



Well I had been on another dewormer for 10 days before starting Humaworm and did seem to be gettin some critters but not large amounts.

I have been on Humaworm now 8 days and holy cow! way more stuff. I also want to say how pleased I am that my stomach is now almost perfectly flat!! I had a bloated stomach for 2 years now. Also had trouble loosing weight. I had put on about 15 pounds and it seems to be melting away now!

The added water intake you suggested Humaworm helped move along my system. THANKS!



My daughter took Humaworm for 30 days and discovered that as a bonus, her stubborn wart that is located on her sole near the mid toe disappeared. She had tried for a long time to get rid of it by applying ACV every night for over a month but it didn't work. She just gave up and let it be and now it is no longer there. I suggest that people suffering from stubborn warts or have a tendency to develop warts to try Humaworm.

My daughter suffered from severe weeping ecezema 4 years ago and she is now completely healed. While taking Humaworm , she developed big patches of ecezema on the folds of her arm and behind her knees. As soon as she finished the Humaworm, the ecezema is gradually shrinking. We think Humaworm is clearing the remaining toxims from her body.

My daughter's fiance was also taking Humaworm with her. While taking it, he developed craving for sugar at a particular time each day. He has a sweet tooth. He also occasionally had athelete feet that comes and goes. Is this candida? I think Humaworm might fix this fugus problem for him. He ate raw oysters last week and he suffered from fever, diahhrea, nausea et. RG said it was lucky he was taking Humaworm which helped to rid of the bugs right away. Toxins from raw oysters are very toxic and dangerous. After taking Humaworm, I took a vacation in Canada (12 hours flight) and found that I did not suffer jet lag during and after the journey.

My energy level was above average. I must confess that I also took Melatonin to help my body cope with the time difference. This is what happened to the three of us and I write this testimonial to thank RG and to to let people know of our experience with Humaworm.



What an eventful 30 days! I'm glad it's over. I don't want to think about parasites for a while. I am eternally grateful to RG for his amazing herbal formula and ultra-wise advice!

THANKYOU RG! The herbs worked powerfully, to the very end. Even on the 2nd last day of my cleanse I observed a 15-20cm portion of white tapeworm. If I calculate the combined length of all the TW segments and bits I've witnessed over the last 30 days, I estimate that 180cm-2M in total came out. I have done some research online and believe that the species is beef tapeworm.

How freaky that this was living inside me...years ago if someone had told me this was happening to them, I would have just laughed and told them to get their eyes checked! I'm glad I took some photos. There would have been stuff I didn't see of course, as I didn't always look (really!) and even when I did, I sometimes didn't look hard, for it became a bit monotonous in the end - the same thing every day... I wonder if I expelled several individuals or just parts of the one BEAST? Any ideas anyone?

Also, I wonder if there is more left to come? I think there might be but I've made a good start - I grew up on a farm so must have accumulated parasites over the years of contact with animals, pets etc. At times I regretted the fact that I was taking the 'extra strength' version of the herbs, my 'die-off' being so severe and all.. but seeing the results, getting occasional glimmers of 'lightness of being' and keeping my eye on the bigger picture made it easier to keep going. I discovered enemas as a useful tool to lesson the discomfort. The afternoon enema also afforded me a better view the morning after, of the dead parasites. I never saw a parasite during the enema - it was always first thing the following day. I took both plain enemas and occasionally an Iodine enema.

People have commented that my skin looks good, and I have noticed that I am retaining slightly more weight (I have always been extremely lean regardless of diet), as well as feeling more alive first thing in the morning. My appetite seems less volatile and more natural, and I generally have more energy and am better natured. Also, come to think of it, my skin is less oily. There was one afternoon during the final week when I developed very low blood sugar levels concurrent with some scary pain in my right kidney. It went for an hour or so then suddenly left. This had never happened before and I felt it must be related to the Humaworm cleanse. It made me think about parasites that live in the pancreas (I have a history of hypoglycemia).

Anyway, I still have sensations that hint at parasite inhabitation so will be back in 3-4 months to do it all again.



I'm very pleased with the results. My threadworm infestation is gone. My stomach is nice and flat again. So far, I've had none of the headaches I used to frequently get. Lots more energy. I'm still passing what looks like the skins of small worms, some tiny red flakes, and just recently, tiny little white balls. I don't know what those are! I still have floaters in my eyes, but that may improve as time goes on. I just ordered the cleanse for my son who has been sick a lot lately, and for my daughter who just returned from living in a 3rd world country. Also for my husband. Humaworm is an awesome product.




This is my second Humaworm Cleanse. I have had Fibromyalgia for the past 13 years which was really painful. I was on 6 vicodin's a day and had to take depresson meds on top of it. Before doing the first Humaworm cleanse, I did a colon cleanse to get my bm's normal. After doing the first Humaworm cleanse, my fibromyalgia was in check. I was off of all my medications and still am. I also started feeling tons of energy. After a month a little pain came back so I decided to do a second Humaworm cleanse. I waited three months and started my second Humaworm cleanse.

I am on my 26th day of the Humaworm. Last week I was feeling very weak and my legs felt like rubber for three days. I had no energy. Then the next day I expelled this white looking skin and then on another bm I expelled another white looking skin. The next day I looked in the towlet and there floating was this white head that was about the size of a dime and it looked like it had fangs. I don't know what it was but I kept it to show some of my friends.

After I expelled it then I got my energy back and started feeling better again. I started to examine my bm's and I noticed lots of slimmy stuff that wouldn't break up. I seen red flukes and different colored things in my bm all the way through the cleanse but I just wanted to know what this slimmy stuff is? I have lots of it coming out. Thanks



Hello I JUST HAD TO E-MAIL YOU. What a result so far and only on day 7 of my HUMAWORM. I can' t put into words how I feel. The results I am getting are astounding! When I first e-mailed you I said that I had not been feeling well for over three years and I had my suspicions as to what was causing me to feel ill. From the very first day of taking humaworm I felt something happening and have to say I am well on my way to regaining my health. I just can't believe it. I had tried other products from other companies but with no results, in fact don't think the herbs they provided were that good, they just seemed to suppress my symptoms.

I CAN'T THANK YOU ENOUGH. All the symptoms I listed in my first e-mail (which you agreed you felt were parasite-related) are slowly going away. There was never a day gone by where I was constantly spitting up thick, sticky mucus, it's nearly gone, my headaches are gone, itchy/nippy feeling gone, rashes gone, vision is brilliant, even those strange "thread-like" things in my eyes are slowly disappearing! Toileting is much, much better, stools are more normal. I'll not bore you with my other "symptoms" as I'm sure you are well aware of what parasites do. I can actually enjoy every-day life now thanks to your product. Sometimes I would dread each day because the symptoms were so aggressive.

What's more, I'm off to Cyrpus on holiday tomorrow morning and I can't wait. It's a holiday I know I can enjoy because previous holidays have been spoiled because of my symptoms. THANK YOU, THANK YOU THANK YOU. (Can't actually say it enough, you have made such a difference to me in such a short period of time). I will be doing this twice-yearly now and it will be Humaworm I will be purchasing from. Humaworm should be very proud of it's product and I sure you are. Very best regards and keep up the good work.



The stuff smells great, it's very soothing on the skin, and it's not at all greasy or oily.

I'm using it on my fungus foot and toes. For the last three days I've been using the cream on my foot and I'm telling you, it's starting to look better. It sure is soothing on the foot.

Also, I have a slight rash on both of my armpits, lucky me. This morning I applied the cream to one of them. By tonight, the treated armpit's rash is less red and it doesn't itch or hurt. The other armpit does, so I've applied some cream to that tonight. The pain/itch went away in about 5 minutes.

I just love the smell of this stuff and am happy so far. I have a feeling I'm going to be using a lot of it.



THANKS HUMAWORM!! I've had so many good things happen in the last two weeks, I wouldn't know where to begin. Some things I've noticed since my last "testamonial" -- My skin is healing much faster, and much better than before. If I get a scab, it is tight and smooth and adheres strongly to the intact skin, instead of being rounded and bumpy and prone to breaking off. I didn't know it, but apparantly I had parasites that were making a home in my skin. I would even see them occasionally on the insides of scabs that had broken off (tiny white grub-like things) but nothing "clicked" until they disappeared with doing humaworm... I didn't know what they were, but never even guessed Humaworm would get rid of them. I thought they were products of my own body functions.

YUCK! Like other posters, my hunger level is much more manageable between meals -- instead of hunger roaring up on me, it creeps up on me. I can think "oh, I'd better eat in the next hour" instead of "OH MY GOD, I HAVE TO EAT something NOW NOW NOW!!" LOL BTW I feel GREAT after three weeks of deworming!! I just BOUNCED out of bed this morning and haven't needed my usual afternoon naps the past few days!! I might actually have enough energy to go EXERCISE today... it would be a wonderful thing if I got enough energy to take better care of myself... that's the kind of positive cycle we want in our lives! My energy is more steady. Never expected that. Much more enthusiasm for things.

Generally, I feel about 15 years younger. Damn that grey hair, though, Humaworm hasn't done a thing about that.... ha ha. Really, it's been like some kind of miracle product for me.



Hey R.G.,I promised you I would post how my family did with your wonderful product so here it is.My 23yr old son-He has had severe acne outbreaks on his back since he was in his early teens.The acne is now gone.A few days into using HUMAWORM he had a welt-like rash to come up over the lower part of his back.He said it felt just like a welt also.While this was going on he noticed that his urine started to look orange as well.This went on for just a few days then cleared up.Then about 2 weeks later his urine went to an orange color again,lasting just briefly and did not come back anymore.The rash did not happen the second time.

My son is a 6 footer and has always been as skinny as a bean pole.Now,he is about to eat me out of house and home,lol!He has also picked up 5-6lbs.Another thing is his personality seems so much lighter.He's always had a good disposition but he does not seem to stress so much now.

My 6yr old son-I believe he has benefitted from the cleanse as well.A couple of years ago he came down with a stomach virus.After he got over that virus his bowel movements never did seem to be normal.He also seemed to catch stomach viruses easier from then on out too.Since the HUMAWORM his BM's have thankfully returned to normal.

My 5yr old daughter-She had pinworms.These were eliminated just a few days into cleansing.Sorry for being so graphic but she also passed alot of dark-green mucous looking stuff about 3 weeks into the cleanse.Since then I have noticed her bowel movements seem to be improved too.

Now for my husband-The best way I could possibly describe his personality is very temperamental.The 2 TV characters that I use to describe his personality is a combination of a little bit like Archie Bunker from All In The Family and mostly Ralph Kramden from The Honeymooners.Bless his heart he can get in a tailspin over something in no time at all.But basically he is a sweetheart and would do anything to help another person.Since using the HUMAWORM he seems somewhat calmer and seems to be sleeping better at night.He did confess to me that he did see some liver flukes during the cleanse.

Now for me-I did go through a few days off and on of die-off where it was mostly just a case of the BLAHS but nothing I could not handle.I noticed the die-off would start a few days just before I would see parasites.I believe my body responded in some sort of cycle to HUMAWORM.After the second day of dosage I saw a whole lot of something that I still cannot figure out what it was.I did not see anything else until my second week into treatment,then I saw countless liver flukes.I thought that was probably going to be the end of it then 2 days before the end of treatment here came even more liverflukes,some small and quite a few large blackish ones.It was at this time I saw the one thing that sent me reeling.It was an actual 5 or 6 inch worm.It looked flat,kind of like a noodle and one end looked different,kind of burrowed out.Along with this worm I saw several tiny ones too.This gives me goosebumps just thinking about it.The main thing is,its gone!

I have respiratory problems and before I started the HUMAWORM I was afraid I was developing pnuemonia again but a few days into treatment my breathing had improved better than it has been since last spring.I feel that I must have a heavy infestation to parasites to see so many leaving during the past month.

Oh I wanted to tell you more thing.I have always done liver cleansing and I was getting frustrated because I was not seeing anymore results much with them anymore but I knew I still had alot of gallbladder and liver congestion.This weekend I did another liver flush and all I will say is I believe I am back on track to improving my health again!You truly have a jewel of a treatment!You will definitely be hearing from me again!Have a wonderful day!



I have been plagued with sinus headaches and sinus problems for years. Migraine headaches and athlete's foot and jock itch have been problems too. I just finished my Humaworm about a week ago. When I first took it, my allergies and sinus problems were gone after the first week. I kept taking it and a week later, I passed a 10-12 inch long worm with a corkscrew looking tail. That scared the hell out of me. I passed more smaller worms too.

Now my headaches are gone, my feet have totally cleared up. I lost about 10 pounds and I don't have to eat as much to get full. I told all my family and friends about it and my mom just ordered some Humaworm from you. I just wanted you to know. Thanks.



I have used parasite cleansers for several years now. I just wanted to say that Humaworm is by far the most effective and least expensive I have found. I'll be back.



I have some nerve damage in my lower back that affects both my walking and my bowels. I have just completed my 30 day Humaworm parasite cleanse. At first things seemed worse than ever as far as constipation goes. I had to rely on an Epsom salt flush to move my bowels. Then one day during the flush I passed a lot of grayish white things that looked a lot like rice (although the last rice I had eaten was brown Basmati a week earlier). The next day I had a rare natural bowel movement that was literally packed with those same rice-like segments. Humaworm said they were probably tapeworms, and I do have a history of passing a rather large tapeworm. Another person suggested pin worms. At any rate since passing that large mass of something my bowels have gotten much stronger.

I am not sure of the physiology of this, but just being able to "go" again was worth every penny of the cost of the cleanse. Knowing I got rid of parasites and their toxins is priceless. Humaworm is the absolute best of the four different parasite cleanses I have used the last three years, and I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in cleansing to maintain or regain their health. I plan on doing a 90 day follow up cleanse in December/January and then doing one every six months. I have dogs, live in the country with lots of wild varmits all around, and, good or not, love to go barefoot. I guess I am a parasite's favorite kind of gal.



I talked with Sylvia and she said humaworm would maybe help my chronic fatigue. I honestly did not believe her but I was desperate so I ordered. I never passed any parasites that I could see and I don't know how to explain it, but I feel 100% better. Thank you Sylvia for the great information and your extreme patience. I will be a customer for life.



I want to thank you Sylvia for your support during my first parasite cleanse. I bet I emailed you 3 times a day during that first week. I want to add my testimony. I was sick with a stomach virus about two months ago. I passed a long white worm and it freaked me out!

I went online for help because my doctor did not believe I had worms . I found your site. I ordered Humaworm and from the first day I took it, white worms began coming out in droves. Some were long and some short, this happened for two weeks. I kept taking it and now a month later, I am totally well! Not only are the worms gone, but my itching skin has totally cleared up and I am not tired during the day like I used to be.

My girlfriend just placed her order too. I guess I was the guinea pig and now she sees how great I feel. Thank you!



I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome 2 years ago. I have been to countless doctors and paid for thousands of dollars worth of tests. I read about HUMAWORM on a forum and decided that I had tried everything else so I decided to try a parasite cleanser.

After the 30 days I feel fabulous! I have a super energy level like I had 3 years ago. I told my doctor about HUMAWORM and he looked at me like I was crazy but I don't care because I know in my heart that HUMAWORM is what helped me. I only wish that I had known about it sooner.



My story can be added to the testimonies. I came across your site while looking for solutions to IBS. I read that sometimes alternating diarrhea and constipation can be caused by parasites. I researched further and your site was the one I went to again and again for information. HUMAWORM is not expensive and since it's only used for thirty days so I thought I'd give it a shot.

Long story short I've been regular, I've lost twelve pounds, my gas and bloating are gone. Thank you for a great site and a great product.



I got my HUMAORM two weeks ago and it started working the FIRST DAY! I took it before bed and the next morning POW!!! Pinworms right and left!!! They are not coming out anymore but I eagerly look for them every day!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!;)



My family and I are into our second week of your product. I personally saw results after taking the second day's dosage. I have'nt found anything that this resembles much. But I know it/they are gone or leaving! Thank Goodness!

That first day on HUMAWORM I felt sort of tired or maybe just drained. Nothing that major as compared to this second week. But I believe its because I happened to come down with a cold or something over the second weekend.

Also you were right my daughter did have pinworms. I know thats what she had because I remember when I was a child I unfortunately had them as well. So I remember what they looked like. She started passing these within 3-4 days of taking your product. I have not noticed anymore in the last week so I feel pretty good knowing these critters are leaving.

Oh,I wanted to tell you about my husband. He likes to give me a hard time because I use herbs for just about everything. Well,I pretty much told him the whole family was going to be taking your product for 30 days. I thought for sure he would find some way to back out of it. He did give me a little static at first,but I explained about his job and him working on so many different farms to fix people's equipment,that he might be bringing "company" home with him and not know it.

He got a little quiet but went along with me after that. He came home early from work one day this week because he didn't feel good. It was then that I thought he would stub up and not take anymore pills,lol! But I am so happy I was wrong. He is still taking the pills and he's even reminding me about his pills now. At first he was saying he wasn't seeing anything but he's not saying that anymore. I mean he hasn't said that he has, but then he probably would not tell me either,LOL! Somethings changed his mind and he seems diligent about seeing the next couple of weeks through. I just wanted to let you know I really like your product and you will be hearing from me again!



Please add my story to your site! I had an awful case of food poisoning about two months ago and I know this is gross but I passed a worm right on the bathroom floor! I wigged out called my doctor and he said it was not a worm but I SAW IT SQUIRMING right there on the floor while I was on the phone with him! I did not know people could even have worms! I surfed around and found your site and called your customer service department like 6 times in one night! I ordered HUMAWORM and all these stories here are TRUE! I passed more worms during the 1st 2 weeks and I am clean now!



I just wanted to say that I'm on Day 23 of HUMAWORM and I too have noticed a considerable difference in the tightness and pain, as well as, numbness in my lower back, hips and legs, especially the right side. My right side has decreased sensations due to a cortizone shot that nicked the dura of spinal cord about 15 months ago and left me with numbness and loss of sensations on the right side.

Just the other day, I noticed that my right hip and leg didn't have the usual numbness and that I was getting around so much better. So, another great advantage to HUMAWORM! :)



I've tried many different things on her. I was hesitant to use the humaworm medicated cream, because I was worried it would burn her in the areas that are a little raw. Well, last night I started putting it on her in little spots (in case it started burning). Her body immediately relaxed and she rolled onto her sides and back so I could put it on her all over. She licked my arm a couple times while I was doing, as if to say thanks.

She initially tried to lick it but stopped when I told her not to. I put it on her a few hours before going to bed, and she didn't scratch or bite one time before going to bed or during the night!!!! Unbelievable. I put it on her again this morning, so hopefully she has a pleasant non-itchy day while I'm at work. I guess I will keep doing this a couple times a day for a while and then stop so I can see if it took care of whatever the problem was.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it does. I had ordered medicated shampoo, conditioner, and a spray that I really don't want to use because of the ingredients. I'm really hoping that the cream does the trick and the products I bought will just take up space in my closet rather than having to be put to use.



Consider the experience a success. Eliminated 3 critters that I actually could verify. Probably more that I couldn't. Eliminated the nerve problem in my right thigh that I thought was a sciatica problem. Will give any remaining critters hell with my electronic devices, and will do another Humaworm treatment in six months.



Just had to update.... a week ago my 7 year old was sent home with a sore tummy, later my husband had to plunge the bathroom!! Success.....

My 13 year old has been going 'poo' up to 6 times per night. His attitude has greatly improved.

My 16 year old is diligent in his taking it. But as for me, who KNEW that there would be 'stuff' coming stomach has hurt, and worms (dead) have passed in stools, eggs galore, and after one time I had to go to sleep (last Sunday) and felt a huge movement in my ab area. But it's getting better, and my energy is returning, my tongue is still white so I know there's more to come. But this is SURE BETTER than starving to get better or doing only certain foods--I had trouble with that. I keep on reading and seeing what we're avoiding by taking care of this and am certainly glad that Humaworm is affordable, and as we go on my kids will know and take precautions--it will just be second nature....... Best regards and de-worming to all



I'm at the end of my first week, too! I've felt wonderful so far with no die off, and I've had a very calm, energetic feeling. My elimination has also improved. But when I was on Humaworm the first time six months ago for a skin yeast infection, I didn't have any die-off the first two weeks. Then, during the third week, I experienced die-off when Humaworm began forcing the yeast and funguses out of my body through my skin, and that was the end of my skin yeast infection.

I'm wondering if that will happen again this time at some point, but so far, no. Maybe Humaworm killed them all off the last time, and they haven't had the time to regroup. Whatever, I'm glad that I'm taking Humaworm every six months now to keep the yeast, fungus, and mold population down in my body.



I have not had too many die off symptoms i had a headache for three days but i don't know if that was from the cleanse or just because i slept wrong. my hair is amazingly soft and don't quote me but i think it is getting thicker. it is diffently not as dry and the biggest thing i have found is that my gums are doing so well and i don't get morning mouth and everything taste so good.



I am a few days out after the cleanse and here is what I have noticed. My skin is much clearer and healthy looking as is my hair and eyes. A few troublesome spots of skin under my arms and in my crotch area are completely healed save for one spot, about the size of a quarter under my right arm that appears to be fading. My belly is a little flatter. I do seem to have had some positive results in the ability to focus, AND, I do not seem to be distracted into a trance by the TV (I hardly watch TV at all anyway; 1 – 2 hours a week if that) or computer. In other words, if someone or something interrupts me in either situation, I can easily break away from it without becoming annoyed.

I think the reason for this is that I am much better able to pick up where I left off. In the past, I seemed to have great difficulty with this. I do not know why I feel this was a positive response to the parasite cleanse, but it is a GOOD noticeable improvement.



just wanted to pass on that i told a friend about humaworm . i ran into him a while later - he had looked at the website, ordered, and was taking it. he said he felt much better, and had passed the info on to a friend of his. so that was pretty cool, its nice when you can actually recommend something that will really help someone. and i've only got a couple days left till my 30 days are done!



I just wanted to say that the colon cleansing herbs in this product are wonderful (lol). I haven't had nicer BMs in the last two months than I've had in the last 24 hours. I'm pretty sure that my parasites were really bad this summer, I had a lot of inexplicable diarrhea. This product is so exciting :D



My Humaworm arrived in the mail today. I think I killed a couple of parasites when I opened the package and took a deep breath. I don't think I ever smelled herbs so fresh. I can't wait to get started. Thanks



I just finished up with the Humaworm. Thank you for your help along the way and advice. I cannot claim some major life changing experience, but I do feel better and my a1c blood test came back at 6.3 with everything else as normal.

All in all that a along way progress from the a1c of 16.4 three months ago. I do have a suggestion for on your website, you may like to add a what to expect when taking the product. For me I was thinking I would have major diarrhea upon usage. A little insight maybe helpful to others as well? As a high school teacher I be back and use the product again for sure. Thank you for your help and time, Warm regards



Thank you, Humaworm! My husband and I will be doing regular parasite cleanses with your product. It's totally worth taking right away - I started having benefits immediately, improving my energy and clarity, in spite of getting clogged up. I have finished my 30 days on Humaworm. I didn't see anything come out that I could recognize as a worm, but I feel better in subtle ways (and not just because I got things moving - I had some constipation in the first couple of weeks). I took this not because I was sure I had anything, but because I'd definitely had enough chances to get nasty parasites! I think the strangest effect that I can definitely attribute to Humaworm is that my BRAIN feels clearer.

There's something I can't quite describe that seems to have happened in the back of my neck & head. It was definitely a good thing. I was feeling funky there for a while at work (then again, I was also kinda constipated) - I'd get to feeling headache-y and foggy during the day, and I wondered if it was fluorescent lighting in the office or what. I was eating great - including a raw veggie & fruit lunch every day - and yet I was hitting some point in the afternoon where I just felt cruddy. After several days on the Humaworm, that started to go away.

Because of what I've experienced on the Humaworm and in starting to clean out my intestines, I am quite sure I need to continue on with the bowel cleansing. I can't explain why I should be so clogged, but I think I am. If you start to feel cruddier while on Humaworm, and your BMs just don't seem to be "enough," then you're probably backed up! After one of my enemas, something that looked like miniscule pieces of rice (way too tiny to actually be rice) came out & floated! They didn't resemble any food I'd had. They looked whole, very light in color, and they didn't look like broken up seeds or anything else that's come out of me before. This is before I took any psyllium, too. I don't know what that was, but I'm glad it's out.

The PETWORM was awesome. I had no idea either of the cats had any kind of worms - I just figured they'd get herbified at the same time, just to be safe! After a couple of days of the herbs, one of the cats vomited - and there were these dead worms, flat and grayish, in that vomit! They were clearly worms! I think one or more of the herbs in there were doing good things for my skin. I've been having problems with acne for a while now. I'm interested in continuing to take some of these - maybe the burdock



Thanks so much, Humaworm! I agree that the bumps are toxins that my lymph system is still working to remove after having used Humaworm. As you say, better out than in! And by the way, thanks so much for Humaworm! I can't even begin to tell you what a joy it is to finally be rid of the horrible case of candida that I had for six long months before I tried Humaworm! Nothing I tried, prescription or natural, was working all that well, and I was getting so discouraged. I'm so appreciative that Humaworm helped to put all of that behind me!



i want to thank you for the colon cleanser. i have had problems all of my life. i have tried many methods that did not work. i found curezone because i had a Mirena IUD that messed up my hormones to the point i literally wanted to commit suicide. it is finally out. your colon cleanse is my first step to cleansing my body.

i almost paid $350.00 for a different colon cleanser until i found your forum. thank you for making a website that i could easily understand. it did not give me the "as seen on tv" feeling. thank you for straightforward answers and an affordable product. i saw results on my third day of colon cleansing. i no longer feel IBS symptoms and i feel full in a good way. good, honest people like you are few and far between. i feel blessed having found your forum. thank you.



I'm not sure if I'm atypical, but I started taking my HW exactly a week ago, on the 27th of March. Starting on the first day, I had a mild headache and it has come and gone for a number of days. Sunday (Day 5) I saw my first evidence, a fluke! I decided that it was too difficult to go digging any further at that point, but I wouldn't be surprised if there was more.



This morning I got a crazy surprise - what looked like a small piece of broken up worm. What kind, I have no idea and I may have sighted more as the flush took place, but sadly I waited and put paper in... I should have watched to see if there was more there! I suspect that this may easily be the cause of many of the problems I used to have. I have controlled my migraines for about 2 years now, and recently my anxiety/moods that I don't recall having a few years back. With the combination of P&B bowel cleansing and now HUMAWORM, I believe I will nail many of these problems that conventional medicine had told me to deal with. I have had the migraines for about 8-9 years now. After HW is over, I will be trying liver flushes to finish the job. I can only hope I can cure my "hyperhidrosis - sweaty hands" too.

I'm not sure how many Simpsons fans we have on the board, but it is in a classic episode, where Homer gets hair. He is seen running through the neighborhood at dawn, bells ringing and sun rising and birds singing - the perfect day. He runs into another guy in his pajamas and they just shout Dimoxinil (the hair drug) and burst out laughing. I feel like this today - except I'd be shouting HUMAWORM! :)

I'm a huge stickler for quality - and this product is just that. Time, thought, tradition, and a bit of love, too. I've used other cleanses before (not parasite specifically) and I have not been as impressed with any other as much as this one. You can FEEL it working, you can feel things getting killed by the potent herbs - AND it is EASY to take!

If I can get other people in my family as well as my girlfriend's to listen, they will be taking it too. I've been working on my grandfather's Alzheimer's and my grandmother's constant pain. I do wonder if these have even some parasitic interaction.

Thank you for sharing your wonderful formula - I'm sure that somewhere, your grandmother smiles each time it heals yet another person.



Wow is all I can say! How could I have had all that in me?! I have passed multiple worm like things, all dead and breaking down, over a 2+ week period (multiple per day). They were short and long, paper thin, 2-3 mm wide, translucent and tough as rope. Its truely hard to believe! I feel different, still fatigued but even that seems to be improving slowly (I've had chronic fatigue for years). I recommend this to everyone! The price is right, the company is good to work with and the support is great. My son also passed the same for about a week, and my husband had something for a while but his body reacted differently. He had severe die off for a few days then cleaned out multiple times for a week or so.

I had seen a natural medicine doctor who told me that I had multiple organ parasite infection (this was after I ordered humaworm but before I took it), I returned for a follow-up about three days before finishing and was told my body was clear of parasites! All I can say is THANK YOU.

PS. My appetite is back and boy is it big. I seem to be gaining my weight back, maybe no more underweight, that should help energy too!



Dear R.G..
I thank you so very much for your answer, because I'm so afraid of what's going on within me.
Yesterday I send you 2 pictures. But you wrote that you think, I'm passing tapeworms. And now I'm sure, it is. When you see the picture on the attachment, you will be sure, too. This creature comes out when I haven't started yet with your formula, it was some days before christmas. But it seems, it wasn't the whole tapeworm, just segments. Or I have several of this parasites, uiuiuiui!!!

R.G., your formula is the best stuff I've ever had. It's powerful and so helpful. I never thought, that parasites are such a big problem in the western world.

Have a very nice day and all the best for you, and I take a bow for your grandmother and her mother!



Just to let you all know that a couple of days ago I took my last remaining pills of Humaworm.

Tthe biggest breakthrogh came around day 4-5 (don't remember any more), when I had a pretty bad body odor, which I never had before. The next day it was a little better, but not entirely gone. The B.O. was caused by ammonia relased by parasites, and I am talking microscopic parasites here, and I got rid of that by going for a professionaly done colon hydrotherapy which I recommend to everyone.

A few times I had a bad case of heartburn for probably various reasons; among others I did get a stomach flu (twice!) and the first symptom with me usually is heartburn, so it's not humaworm's fault. The other times, I just didn't take it before meal, and with enough water.
I also ate a lot of grapes without seeds, and other foods that promote cleansing: pears, water with lemon, whole grains, olive oil (usually in salad), etc.

All in all: the whole experience was great, I really wasn't sure I had any parasites to start with, but those die off symptoms proved me wrong.

My energy level is constantly improving, at least partialy thanks to humaworm, but also to diet and other changes in my life, like amalgam removal I did some six months ago. I am less nervous, have better memory, today noticed I have much better eye sight too, and generaly have an energy level of a healthy adult, which is completely opposite from only a few months ago.

If I could give a shortlist of advice for those starting out, it would be this:

1. Plan on doing something to get rid of dead critters and their waste material. I recommend colonics, but you can pick your own weapon of choice.

2. Eat foods that speed up eliminations as mentioned above. Grapes are best, and no they do not cause you to gain weight even though they are quite sweet. I am actually still loosing weight.

3. Be persistent.

4. Feed your body best possible foods, skip junk, your body will have tons of poisons and dead parasites to get rid of, it needs all the healthy food it can get.

Thanks Humaworm and good luck everyone else!



First I would like to thank you and everyone at HUMAWORM. Your product is amazing. I started taking your product a couple weeks ago. Within a few days I noticed that my body felt quite a bit better. I’ve had heart palpitations and intestinal problems for that past few months. Prior this all this starting I was quite active and very healthy. I am 26 years old and travel quite a bit around the county. I believe I picked something up while eating at local greasy spoon restaurants while traveling.

Last September I began to feel very sick. My chest hurt along with a feeling of a ball inside my stomach. I went to the doctor and they took a few x-rays and tested my blood for a heart attack and said I was fine other than slightly high blood pressure. So they insisted I start taking HCTZ for it.

I first stumbled upon this new (old) world of thinking about parasites in October when I passed a ½” white worm that was still alive. I went to my doctor again and he had no idea what it could be. He looked in his little pocket book and said “oh it’s probably just a pinworm, take two Vermox tablets and you’ll be fine” well I took the two tablets like he said and within a day or so my bowels stopped moving. I called my doctor and told him that it was not normal for me, because I usually go every day like clockwork. He said it’s normal for people to not go for a few days and basically called me crazy. Two weeks later I was eating prunes and drinking prune juice and all the fiber I could take in, nothing would help. I ended up going to my grandmother’s house of Thanksgiving and she immediately gave me a glass of Epsom salt. That opened things up a little.

Anyway after all my issues with the doctor I felt I could find out more by searching the internet. I stumbled across and found many threads posted by you. My eyes were opened and I was so relieved that I’m not crazy! I’m still very concerned that I’ll still be infested once I finish HUMAWORM. I am also using Oxypowder so I won’t get plugged up again. That’s one of my biggest concerns.

Yesterday I found about 10 orange 1/2” clumps in the toilet after my BM. They were orange with deep red squiggly lines on one side of them. Today I just finished one of my very easy Oxypowder bowel movements and found about a dozen little things floating in the water. They almost look like micro tadpoles. Little dark head and a gel like tail. Any ideas on what this could be? I AM ATTACHING A PICTURE… 
Thank you so so so very much!!!



I would finish the whole 30-day Humaworm cleanse before deciding whether it worked or not. I'm so glad that I did. To the extent that your allergies may be caused by yeast overgrowth, Humaworm will help to eliminate any problems you may have in that area, as well as eliminate any possible parasites. I had a terrible case of skin candida that I had since November 2006 that got completely cured by using Humaworm.

Nothing else I tried worked as well as Humaworm in helping me to get well from this condition. Humaworm also has worked wonders with my skin--it's much clearer and a liver spot that was beginning to form on my hand totally disppeared. I've also noticed that the whites of my eyes are much whiter, which I assume means that it was good for my liver, too. I did develop some hives on my hands and neck the last week of the cleanse, but they are healing, and I would take having to deal with some hives any day over the problems with yeast that I had.

I have read here many times that when you are trying something that is working to heal you, you might experience a "healing crisis," meaning that the symptoms may increase before being eliminated. I had a healing crisis my first week on Humworm when yeast spots popped out all over my legs, which I was able to keep under control with topical antifungals. I realized even then that Humaworm was working to drive the yeast out of my body. That probably had to happen before I could get completely well from this condition.

So, I've finished my Humaworm cleanse and as the die-off begins to subside I've noticed a big improvement in my fatigue levels and right eye puffiness.

I've completed loads of liver flushes and released about 4,000 of those green clumps of bile, with some success, but this parasite cleanse really seems to have gotten to the root of the problem, and made me re-evaluate my formerly held opinion that liver cleansing and colon cleansing- by creating an inhospitable environment for parasites- is enough to tackle the problem. From my experience the organ cleanses are not enough and you actually have be aggressive with these things and kill them and then hope the liver/Kidney/colon cleanse help keep them at bay, with the help of garlic, thyme, sage etc. You will waiting a long time to get rid of these things if you go for the softly-softly approach.

The overriding concern over this, however, is whether the cause of my problems is candida albicans or parasites. This humaworm cleanse could easily pass for a candida regimen so I can't be totally sure whether it was the parasites or the candida that were the culprits, however all evidence suggests parasites are most likely the perpetrators.

So, I would definately recommend Humaworm to anyone who is two minds over whether to do a parasite cleanse, or candida cleanse for that matter. It is not particularly harsh on the body and enables one to clarify the main cause of their physical ailments.



I want to say that I am almost finished with my 30 dose of HW. And thankgodness I have noticed a big chance since using this. My iggest change is the way food tastes. SOmetimes things like cheeseburgers and other greasy things sound good, but then when I go to eat them I just get sick to my stomach and can only eat a small part of that meal. This is very good for me because I have a very hard time with food. I am so excited, I believe after the waiting period that I may use it again and maybe an extra strength dose (?) if HW says that is what I need. This has been so great!!

Thank smuch to HUMAWORM and your wonderful product, I think after using it a few times I may be well on my way to normal. Oh and it has also helped regulate my BM, with the use of the HUMACLEANSE too. That has also been a blessing!



Thank you for being an outstanding Customer Service rep at Humaworm. It's not often these days that I encounter friendly and thorough Customer Service folks. After having such a postive experience dealing with your company I will not hesitate to recommend it when it comes up in coversation in the future. 
Sincerely, Eugene



The NEXT morning after beginning my Humaworm I had what I thought was a disappointing movement - until I looked closer. (OK, you get a stick and start poking)... and I found over 20 HUGE liver flukes (dark colored - about 1" in diameter) and three 2-3" segments of flat tapeworm. Now here's the way I'm sure that's what they were. All were also rubbery in substance. I can see why they are so tough to dislodge. After rinsing them off I saw that they all had small tentacles, that attached them to the unwitting host - ME! Man, I thought I might have some invaders, but this is UNBELIEVABLE.

Soon after taking the first dose I felt pain in my gallbladder and liver area. It went on all day and into the night. It was not so bad that I couldn't sleep and truthfully, I've felt this before. I also have felt movement near my eyes. Sometimes I've felt as if something was trying to crawl out of the inner corner of my eye. This morning, when I awakened, I had tons of dried tears that had flowed down my cheeks all night. All this on DAY TWO?

I can't wait to see how much better I'm going to feel when the stubborn ones exit. I've tried other times with parasitic over-the-counter remedies. Nothing substantial came out. I will testify to you all that Humaworm is FAR superior to anything else out there.



All my life I have suffered with intermittent constipation. Even have routine colonoscopies since my mid 20's (I'm 42 now). SInce taking and finishing Humaworm I have "movements" every day... 3 times a day. I actually feel emptied out whereas before I never really did. WHOPEE!



I just finished my second dose of Humaworm this last Friday July 6th. My last cleanse was three months ago. I had severe Fibromyalgia and chronic depression for 14 years. I did a second Humaworm cleanse after 90 days because I started feeling the pain come back. I now have no pain and I have been off of all my meds. I feel better than I did way back in 1985. After I finished my last dose of Humaworm, I started taking Neem because I heard several people from this site say it is a good inbetween cleanse. After I started taking the Neem, I started feeling a real bad die off feeling. This kept up and kept getting worse by the day. Yesterday I stopped the Neem because I could not take the die off anymore, I felt like I needed a break. Today I ate a lot of watermellon and fresh pineapple. Tonight was the gross part of this post and almost unbelievable. My stomach started gurgling and I felt like I was going to throw up. I then had to rush to the bathroom to have a BM. After two Humaworm cleanses you start getting brave and wanting to see what is coming out of you. I pulled up about 10 long round worms and this very heavy fluke that was kind of orange in color and it was the size of a quarter and very fat, you might say very healthy until he croaked from Humaworm. On one side of him, you could see the place where he attached himself to your colon or where ever he was. It looked like a sucker. The round worms were about 6 inches long, some shorter. I decided to take them out with two long plastic sticks and put them on a paper plate to clean them up and take a picture of them to post here on this site. All kinds of flukes were on the plate too. Well, here is the gross part. I turned around to the sink away from the paper plate that held all my specimins and when I turned back my 8 month old puppy (Benji) was licking his chops!!!!! I wanted to choke this puppy but on the other hand I hope he doesn't get sick. My question is, will he get really sick from this???? What can I do to prevent him from getting sick? If anyone has any ideas please post back to me, I am really concerned. I must say that Humaworm stays in your system and works even after you finish the cleanse. I think I am going to do a enema right now to get any dead straglers out. I feel great now that those critters are out of me.

Thanks again RG! I will be doing another cleanse in three months since I was so sick in the past. No wonder there is so much cancer and illness these days.



I am dying of curiosity and excitement. I have included a picture of an assortment of what I have begun to see and was hoping you might could give me a clue as to what type parasites they are. It's kind of nice to know what you're getting rid of. lol. What I have here in the pictures barely touches the tip of the iceberg on what I have been getting rid of! thanks humaworm!

Finding you was the best thing I ever did for myself!



I slept like the dead for almost 18 hours... woke feeling groggy, but perked up fast. Everything okay... until big evacuations tonight. Man, oh, man... it was a circus in the bathroom. Okay, it was not nearly as much fun as a circus, what came out and how much relief I felt afterwards perfectly explained the deep, long sleep.

And I am so glad whatever it was is gone, gone, gone!!!



I finished up my humaworm cycle with a flush last night. Probably the best flush I ever had. No adverse effects and more stones than I ever got before. I had orginally intended on doing a flush when I was done but on my own timetable, but my liver and gallbladder decided otherwise, my fault though, I pushed way past the time I should have done another one since I was feeling so great while taking the umaworm. So, when the stress hit this week from nonstop box packing to prepare for our retirement move, kids pulling me twenty different directions and my father becoming ill, the tightness in my chest set my gallbladder to spasm.

It just worked out that it was my last day of the cleanse, so no bigger. With so much going on I might have put it off too long to get a benifit from the cleanse during the flush if I hadn't been given a big kick the behind.

Anyways, thanks RG, your product is fantastic and I have been passing your link to anyone that shows the slightest interest all across the country!



Just wanted to thank Humaworm and let the folks know my results. I didn't examine my eliminations during HW, but afterwards I did a parasite cleanse and a bowel cleanse with Oxypowder which liquifies your BM. I had seen flukes some during the cleanse but with the LF and Oxypowder, in 2 days I saw maybe 500 Liver Flukes! Seriously, they were coming out all day for 2 full days. So yeah, tons of dead lil suckers. I'm really looking forward to seeing how my digestion is this next week now that I'm off the Oxypowder and now that my Liver is free of all those parasites!!! AWESOME

I can't help it... just one more time:

Humaworm, thanks for doing what you do so I can poo what I poo.



I think I am on or around Day 10 of the Humaworm. A couple of days ago I saw a white worm that was over a foot long. Around the same time I saw some orange fluffy cloud-like things. Would love to know what those are.

Anyway, I can be more pleased with Humaworm. It's working! I did have some die off symptoms of severe depression and anxiety for about a day, but those are gone now.

Thanks Humanworm for a great product. I have some friends that will be ordering from you soon as well.


AOTHER FIBROMYALGIA, CHRONIC FATIGUE & THYROID SUFFERER I have been dealing with chronic fatique/fibro/thyroid type problems the last few weeks. I just knew that something was supressing my immune system so I started a regimen of drinking several glasses of freshly made organic vegetable juice each day and eating lots of raw veggies, and taking an occasional enema. Then, 3 days ago I started on my 2nd Humaworm Cleanse. The previous cleanse helped me to get rid of a thread worm infection.

But this morning was a shocker. I passed a worm between 12-15 inches long (sorry but I wasn't about to bring it out and measure it exactly). This tells me that parasites may be playing a big part in my health problems. I can't wait to get any others out of me and move on to the liver cleanse.


I'm so happy to have found Humaworm!!!



I was feeling pretty ill before I began the cleanse. I was desperate to receive them in the mail and began the day I received them. I experienced very little die off symptoms but the times I didn't feel well, I was shocked to see several ascarias worms in my stools! Yuck!!! I am so glad I got them out. Since they can migrate to the lungs, I was beginning to feel creeping sensations in my chest and throat area to the point where it felt like something may crawl up and out of my mouth! It was frightning! Since I began the cleanse that sensation has disappeared!

My entire family did the cleanse right along with me and they all have seen great results. My husband feels a lot better like I do, he has has cancer twice in the past and he claims to have more energy since finishing the cleanse.

My older son is 5 and he had bad candida to the point where he was getting athletes foot and he had red, itchy blotches on his feet that were painful. They have disappeared since finishing the cleanse.

My youngest son is 2 1/2. He was very ancy and showed signs of autism but not ever diagnosed with it. He was always craving sweets before the cleanse. Now his sweet cravings have decreased significantly and he has calmed down quite a bit! Humaworm has literally changed our lives for the better!

Thanks RG you truly are a life saver! I plan to begin the lung, liver and kidney cleanses along with the in-between herbs during my 90 way to recleanse with Humaworm! I will post my progress!



My husband just finished the Humaworm Lung Cleanse and benefitted tremendously. He had been a smoker for a long time who developed COPD and emphysema. He felt he gained more from the Lung Cleanse in 15 days than any of the various medications he had been prescribed over a 5 year period for hospitalizations or at home care for pneumonia (51 days), bronchitis, or simply long colds.




I've been on the colon cleasne and humaworm for about 18 days now, and I've gotten really good results. I've had a bad worm infection since I drank water in a restaurant in Texas, and I've been REALLY HAPPY with your herbs, because I've gotten rid of a lot of big round worms.

I've gotten rid of two large batches of round worms, very uncomfortable, I'm itchy in places,and I have boils on my arms right now, but I can actually suck my stomach in and stand up straight, and although my stomach still hurts, it's hurting less than it did. I had a big eye floater, and that's going away also.




I run a jewelry repair business, and I know it's hard to run your own shop, but you are making a big differance to my health, and I really appreciate it.

Thanks again,



My family is doing humaworm parasite cleanse now and doing well.

Hubby is having a hard time with dizzyness and massive die off even though he is only taking 1 capsul. Went to feed the chickens last night and felt dizzy, sat down and woke up sometime later. Called me and said he felt weird and had been sleeping with the chickens, could I come home. Very funny now but he didn't think so last night.

He has produced many white worms that he has described as wirey and bubbles coming from his feces. Keeps saying this is not normal! I tried to get him to take humaworm only in the evening until some of them are out but he just wants them gone! I am feeling bad for insisting on this for him because he is having such a hard time, but his respose is " I should feel like million bucks when we are done. I am expecting my allergies to be nearly gone when we are done" He has had extreme allergies for the last 10 years or so and I was wondering if this might help him to expell the toxins easier.

The rest of us are feeling great!

all have produced something.

My son (11) no longer has the tingling in his hands. He has had his allergies disappear and the dark circles under his eyes are much lighter. He feels great and thinks this stuff is GREAT!

My daughter (6) no longer compaining of a tummy ache when she eats. Her yeast problem emediately reacted and she had a rash on her thighs now it is all gone. She did have some welts a couple of days ago and now they are gone too.

for myself I have passed Pin worms. I was told that my simptoms were not worms, but hemroids from having kids! Not True! Saw them all. Now passing something kind of orange. Couple of days ago I had really bad "crazy leggs" and something was biting me under my ribs. Is that normal? My arthritis (has been a problem sice i was 25 now I am 32) has gotten much better. I am assuming there will be a flair up, but I am feeling great in between.

Goodness me, I have been babbling. All of this in less than a week,(day and a half for hubby) can't wait to see what transformations happen during the whole process.



I got my girlfriend on Humaworm the end of last year after her doctor told her that she had 5 years to live if she didn't reduce her liver count. She found out after doing her second Humaworm cleanse a few months ago that her liver count had dropped to a normal range which blew her doctors mind. She told me yesterday that she took a second blood panel and seen the doctor yesterday to be amazed with great results! Her doctor told her that her cholestrol came down from 290 to 190 and her liver count was still at a normal range. Her triglycerides that were high last year have come down to almost normal also.

My girlfriend has done One regular Humaworm cleanse, One extra strength Humaworm cleanse and 4 Liver flushes. This is the only thing that she has done differently since last year when she got the bad news from her Doctor.

One thing that was bothering her was the excessive saliva in her mouth to the point that she had to spit it out before she could talk. Her lips started tingling also to the point that she could not stand it. She had that problem since December and she said it was horrible. Rg told her that her body was in full detox. My girlfriend is a walking testimony for Humaworm like myself.

I can understand why RG says that by helping people get well keeps him going with Humaworm. It is such a rewarding feeling to help people change their lifes from being sick to restored health. My parents both have cancer and I see such a huge differnce in them since they have done two Humaworm cleanses and 4 plain liver flushes. My husband was really sick and now he is getting healthy, I was sick and now I am getting healthy. People come up to me and ask what are you doing for yourself to get that much energy? Just by seeing the results in me I have brought over 30 people to Humaworm cleansing and I feel that I must keep spreading the news and sharing what I have learned and what I am learning everyday because that is what God whats me to do.

May God bless and happy cleansing...



RG thanks-- I ordered enough Humaworm the last time so that I could do my maintenance cleanse this Fall. I started a little over a week ago with the batch I ordered during the Spring. I noticed that I passed some fluke worms during the first or second days., and , again, my stomach has flattened out more and the intestines are less bloated. I will be doing this maintenance all the remaining years of my life while I can still get my paws on your product.

As another poster mentioned before, herbs have been used for centuries. What I DO GET negative side effects with are those laboratory manipulated, "corrupted" pharmacuetical herbs- that are no longer herbs anymore, because they were so changed in the laboratory. My body responds to the most simple items. Raw fruits and vegetables and simple, uncomplicated herbs, simple water, etc.

Humaworm is gentle on my body, and when I do experience detox symptoms, I actually feel pretty happy about that, becuase it's confirmation that the herbs are doing thier job. I drink lots of water and detox herbal teas during the cleanses, and can only say that THANK GOD for herbal dewormers-- and that you are providing them for us!!!!!!!!



Whoo Hoo I just went to the toiley and saw something red-so i stirred with my spoon. Low and behold there were all kinds of rolled up tomato skins (flukes) and trangle shaped one. There were lots of them. Wonder how long I have been passing them and didn't see them. Today is the last day of my Liver Cleanse so this is exciting news for me. Haven't had any die off symptons to speak of, but then again I just finished the anti-biotic and before that Extra Strength Humaowrm so the onion is starting to peel.

Whoo Hoo this Humaworm is GREAT stuff!



Dear Humaworm
I just wanted to sincerely thank you for your amazing product.
I have taken three courses of humaworm in the last 18-24 months, and can honestly say I feel - and look - a thousand times better.

I was ill for the past 18-19 years, and feared I would never get better.

I think my problems stemmed from a visit to a remote part of Africa 20 years ago: upon returning to the UK I lost a lot of weight suddenly, felt horrendous, was constantly ill/exhausted and could hardly eat anything due to food intolerance.

Now, I am starting to put weight on again, people are remarking on how much *better* I look, I no longer feel exhausted and depressed, and I have been able to re-introduce previously forbidden foods back into my diet, with no ill-effects.

I wish I could do something more to express my gratidue to you humaworm: I can not put into words how much your product has helped me to make this journey back to wellness again.

Please let me know if I can ever be of help to humaworm and the people who work so hard to make this an invaluable product.

I am, and will remain eternally grateful to you.

Love and light,



Finished the Lung Cleanse caps now. I must say felt like a long 2 weeks. I have had: heartburn, more heartburn, mild heartburn, bad heartburn, strange BM’s, my pee smelt, I smelt, a mild very cough, a very minor sore throat, strange top-of-my-head-lifting-off sensation, generally feeling mildly under-the-weather, oh yeah and haemorrhoids. Me piles only come to town when I have some heavy detoxing going on and that is basically what’s been going on for the last 2 weeks….lots of toxins coming out. I had these symptoms one at a time, not all at the same time thankfully.

Also did a P&B shake a couple of times was rewarded with some more mucoid plaque. Happy dayz! I'm sure the herbs loosen things up inside and make releasing this junk easier.

Its been a week since I finished and I been trying to see whats differenent about me now that all those annoying symptoms have stopped. Physically I feel a little stronger but the over riding sensation is that I am mental sharper. I didn’t expect that….i’m over-the-moon happy about it.

Thanks RG, yet again a roaring success!

Liver herbs next….will report back when I have done them



I wanted to let you know how I am doing with the Humacleanse. About ten days in , I see amazing results.
What comes out of me , I am glad to get rid of :-)) Never thought it was possible that I had all that gunk in me.

I have tried other cleanses , but NOTHING like this!!!

Thank you for a wonderful product!!!



So I had chronic constipation since I paid attention to things like how often I "went" - as a teenager I first noticed that I go once a week or LESS. It has been about 16 years since that observation which I now know indicates something is wrong. In my research on curezone, I came to understand that a colon cleanse may be only a temporary fix if something is wrong with your liver which is needed to stimulate movement so I started liver flushing.

About 2 months ago I posted that after doing Humaworm, I did a liver flush and a bowel cleanse and got rid of well over 500 flukes! They just kept on coming by the dozens or by the hundreds. Since stopping this treatment, I have "gone" every day without assistance. I think it was my liver causing me lots of troubles but flukes were a bigger problem than stones!

Anyway, I figure this is big news so I wanted to let peoples know and send a thank you to RG. :-)


I am happy to report that today this battle seemed to end. The herpes attempts at erupting on my mouth got very weak today and finally stopped.

I find this miraculous and amazing and I'm so thrilled!

I could just tell that they were franticily (I know I spelled that wrong but I'm not going to get up and walk ten feet to my dictionary) running from the Humaworm and trying to get to my skin. There they met the medication I use and had to retreat. I don't know how many times this was repeated in the last two days, but it was hundreds of times.

It was so weird to actually feel them get weaker and weaker! Plus it was weird to feel them being so frantic. I could just sense their panic. Okay, I'm weird, but mind you, we have all been living together for about 45 years now so I think we've gotten to know each other at least a little bit.

I think they are dead. I am so happy. I had not even anticipated this at all, what a wonderful wonderful surprise.

I also started drinking my Hu Ma Tea today. I felt so great all day! I mean, I physically and mentally felt just wonderful, and that is after 3 days or working over-time and in a stressful situation. I smiled and laughed all day long.

I wonder if the Hu Ma Tea was helpful in getting those dastardly herpes to give up the ghost and help to clear them out of my system pronto. I mean, you would think after this two day battle that I would be exhausted, but I was full of energy and good cheer.

My boss is so jealous. She has ordered Humaworm but hasn't yet recieved it (not enough time has gone by yet), so as I tell her my stories, she just can't wait to get hers too. She also has the oral herpes problem, as well as other probable parasite related problems, and is eager to start.

Such joy in my heart tonight!

Oh RG, we just have to share these things with you, you are our hero.

I was thinking that I ought to give the poor dead herpes fellows a decent farewell and burial but since I can't actually see them, I thought that at the next elimination event I would say a word or two over the dunny and then dance an Irish gig.



The longer I travel this road to better health.... the more I recall the recent death of my grandmother and something my mother said regarding her death......
My mother said that they (Drs/medical establishment) didnt know what caused her death.

It wasnt her heart or old age apparently.

Yet just the other week my mother recounted a tale of her baby brother having passed a worm that was wrapped around a button!

Gosh ... how many years ago must that have been? More than sixty I believe.

Now I slowly watch my mothers health deteriorate, and she thinks I'm nuts when I keep mentioning my continuous deworming journey! Yet my health has totally turned around and I have come off all those prescription drugs!!
My mother was only talking of getting her flu jab this evening and I have lost count of how many times she has gone to the Dr for antibiotics!!

If not for Humaworm and RG and his wonderful family and heritage I too would be facing a very difficult mid life (not far off 50) lacking in energy and totally apathetic, in pain, lonely, depressed and mostly asleep and most definitely unemployed!

However, I'm rebuilding my social life, I date, I have just started a dream job in IT, for the first time in my life I truly feel that the world is my oyster!! That I can achieve anything!!

Thank goodness I still have some time left to do so!!

I have said it before, and I will say it again and keep saying it too..
I believe that I am not the only to feel, think or even say it:

Thank you RG for Humaworm and giving me my life back!
Light and Love to you and yours x



Nothing has helped me as quickly as Humaworm. Within 3 days, I had a completely normal stool. Don't get me wrong - I've had some good days, maybe 3 in a row over the last 2 years, but nothing like the 2 weeks I have going with Humaworm. It is truly the most comprehensive regimen out there. I've read and tried everything. Reading the Humaworm label, I already knew about all of these herbs because I have taken most of them. There must be something to the specific balance and comprehensive killing power of this particular blend of herbs.

I'm completely sold.



I would like to report on how my dad is doing on his eyesight while on his Humaworm cleanse. He started having double vision while he was on the Humaworm cleanse and it scared him so he stopped for two days but didn't call me and tell me what was happening to him. When I found out, I told him that it was his critters that were living in his eye's running for their lives away from the parasite deadly herbs that are in the Humaworm cleanse. I asked him to get back on the Humaworm and he did.

About three days later he said that the double vision was gone. A day later he called and said this: I was sitting watching TV last night and for the first time I did not have to wear my glasses to watch TV. He said before taking the Humaworm cleanse, which by the way this is his second Humaworm cleanse, he had to wear glasses all time to see the TV.

This is just another amazing testimony.

We are waiting to see if it corrects his Night Blindness while driving which he doesn't do, he let's my Mom drive at night. I will keep you updated on that one also.



My daughter started taking humaworm on feb 09/08. she had proctitis. she just told me that she has not seen any blood or mucus for about 2weeks. and she does not have that foul gas either. i will keep you updated. THANK YOU.

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