45 Day Organ Cleansing Package contains 1 Lung Cleanse, 1 Kidney Cleanse and 1 Liver/Gallbladder Cleanse.   $52.95


The Discount Packages reflect a discount of at least 10%.  The "ADD TO CART" button is above the description of the package.

The 90 Day Wait LIGHT Protocol Package contains 1 In-Between Formula and 2 Hu-Mana-Teas.  $169.95


The 90 Day Wait COMPLETE PROTOCOL PACKAGE contains 1 In-Between Formula, 1 HUMACLEANSE Colon Cleanser, 2 Hu-Mana-Teas, 1 Liver/Gallbladder Cleanse, 1 Lung Cleanse and 1 Kidney Cleanse.    $265.95


THE FAMILY DISCOUNT PACKAGE - 2 Humaworm for Adults (encapsulated) PLUS enough BULK Humaworm for Children to treat 90 pounds of body weight  $89.95


The COMPLETE LIMEY Protocol Package this COMPLETE 6 month package contains 2 Humaworm for Adults, 3 HuManaTea Detox Teas, the 45 Day Organ Cleansing Package, 2 Microscopic Parasite Cleanses & 3 Limey Cleanses a  $385.45 value for    $324.95 

The Directions on HOW TO TAKE THIS PROTOCOL is at the bottom of the "Good Things To Know" page.

DISCLAIMER: The FDA has not evaluated these statements. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Consult with your Health Care Professional before beginning any herbal treatment.

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​​​Old-Fashioned Cleansers For A Modern World


The Family & Pet Discount Package contains 2 HUMAWORM FOr Adults plus 1 ounce of Herbal Pet Wormer.  $79.95


THE WORKS Package contains 1 HUMAWORM For Adults, 1 HUMACLEANSE Colon Cleanser, 1 Hu-Mana-Tea and 1 RG's Medicated Cream.     $145.95


The COMPLETE CANDIDA Package   Contains 1 Candida Cleanse, 1 Colon Cleanse, 1 Hu-Mana-Tea and 1 RG's Medicated Cream​