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THE FAMILY DISCOUNT PACKAGE - 2 Humaworm for Adults (encapsulated) PLUS enough BULK Humaworm for Children to treat 90 pounds of body weight  $89.95


The Discount Packages reflect a discount of at least 10%.  The "ADD TO CART" button is above the description of the package.

The Family & Pet Discount Package contains 2 HUMAWORM FOr Adults plus 1 ounce of Herbal Pet Wormer.  $79.95



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THE WORKS Package contains 1 HUMAWORM For Adults, 1 HUMACLEANSE Colon Cleanser, 1 Hu-Mana-Tea and 1 RG's Medicated Cream.     $145.95


The COMPLETE CANDIDA Package   Contains 1 Candida Cleanse, 1 Colon Cleanse, 1 Hu-Mana-Tea and 1 RG's Medicated Cream​