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Welcome to HUMAWORM! What started as a family business has grown tremendously into a modern, full-scale operation - yet each order of HUMAWORM is still hand ground, weighed, and hand-packed in our Production Department on THE DAY it is shipped to the customer. We are striving to inform the general population of the widespread epidemic of parasite problems right here in America.

Please take a few minutes to read through our pages - we hope you will find them educational and informative. You will learn how parasite infections occur and what you and your family can do to prevent them. You will also discover that most parasites (70% of parasite species) are microscopic one-cell protozoa - such as Malaria - and are not the nightmarish 30 foot long monsters that make up a smaller percentage of the species. If you only read this far, please remember - parasite eggs are microscopic and are everywhere - in water, food, soil and even in the air we breathe! You DO NOT become infected by swallowing big worms, you become infected when a microscopic egg enters your body via your hands, nose, mouth or skin.

​ALSO REMEMBER, it's the parasite's job to remain undetected! One more thought; we know to deworm our animals (pets and livestock) twice per year, when you break it all down, aren't humans animals too? Why then aren't we deworming ourselves?

Please read about our modern medical community and why our doctors are missing the boat when it comes to diagnosing parasitic infections. It's not really their fault, we just happen to live in an age where parasites are a taboo subject and we think that because we live in a clean, sanitary environment that we are immune to parasites. Parasites are not just a Third World country problem. We have a higher per capita infection rate because since the 1930's families in America no longer deworm themselves on a routine basis. Remember the castor oil stories told by your parents or grandparents? They were simply deworming themselves.
We will teach you about herbs that are used to safely eradicate all parasites from our human bodies. We will also reveal how these herbs work and why they work.

You're thinking - HERBS? If using herbs to rid yourself of parasites sounds far-fetched, consider this; Have you ever enjoyed a cup of coffee or a glass of tea? If yes, then you are already using the natural medicinal components of herbs. That's right! Just like the caffeine in coffee and tea perks us up; there are herbs that contain components that remove all parasites, their larvae, and their eggs from our bodies. All without any toxic chemicals, without a prescription and without costing a fortune.

HUMAWORM contains standardized herbs. Standardization ensures that each milligram of herb contains the exact amount of its useful component. When herbs are old, or have been handled incorrectly, their potency is lost. Think of trying to cook with stale spices - it's the same effect - dishes are just not as good as when fresh herbs and spices are used. HUMAWORM uses 25 of the highest quality-most potent herbs available! Unlike other herbal products, we tell you EXACTLY what is in our product , HOW MANY milligrams you are taking per dose, and WHY each herb is effective in parasite removal. We not only want you and your family to be parasite free, we also want you to be knowledgeable and well prepared to take the necessary steps to protect your good health.

Browse around awhile - if you have any questions, please email and one of our experts will be glad to answer any questions you may have. You may notice
​that HUMAWORM and our other formulas come packaged in bags instead of bottles. 
This is due to the fact that wholesale bottles, lids, shrink wrap and printed boxes are outrageously expensive. Our product stays just as fresh as if it were in bottles and we can pass along these savings to you! We would rather spend our research and manufacturing dollars on the highest quality herbs available than to spend it on fancy packaging that in the end will just be thrown away.
​Our products are manufactured on a demand basis - we do not keep a huge stockpile in a warehouse, getting stale! You can ONLY purchase HUMAWORM PRODUCTS directly from HUMAWORM or one of our DISTRIBUTORS- we do not want our products sitting on a retail shelf where, over time, they could lose their potency. In this way, we are able to maintain superior quality control. We will continue to keep our products reliable, affordable and effective!

DISCLAIMER: The FDA has not evaluated these statements. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Consult with your Health Care Professional before beginning any herbal treatment.