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Our products are manufactured on a demand basis - we do not keep a huge stockpile in a warehouse, getting stale! You can ONLY purchase HUMAWORM PRODUCTS directly from HUMAWORM or one of our DISTRIBUTORS- we do not want our products sitting on a retail shelf where, over time, they could lose their potency. In this way, we are able to maintain superior quality control. We will continue to keep our products reliable, affordable and effective!



We are a family run business that specializes in the creation of herbal formulas for the removal of parasites and the cleansing and restoration of the organs.  We use the best organic herbs available and meticulously maintain them so that they are effective.


We do not advertise but rely on "word - of  - mouth" testimonials from our customers all over the world.


We promise to continue to produce the highest quality most affordable products available.


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